Summer in Myanmar

Myanmar in summer

The first month of calendar spring brings the local analog of summer to Myanmar. Discover one of Asia's last borders on this summer program in Myanmar. Walk between quiet farming communities. The climatic conditions are very different due to the different topographical conditions. - March to mid-May are usually the summer months.

So why come to Myanmar in summer?

The best times to explore Myanmar are often from October to April, the arid period, but summer or rainy period offer some benefits that you should seriously consider. Summer comes with fresh waters and makes all the plantations more green, the wood becomes more lively than in winters.

Not surprisingly, your travelling expenses are much lower than in the high seasons from October to March. From a room of $50, you can book a personal courtesy of 3-star hotels, which may not be available during the drying time. During the high seasons, staff are overloaded, and with fewer visitors they can concentrate more on their work, which makes you happier during your sojourn.

You are fortunate to provide the highest degree of services you merit. There are many places for those who love cruising in the rivers that are difficult to get to in the arid period due to the low levels of freshly mud. Luxurious cruising such as Pandaw, Orcaella ships provide a wonderful voyage to the far northern regions to explore Naga country or Bhamo in a stylish way - a great opportunity to enjoy the spectacle and savagery that Myanmar has to boast.

The Moonsoon begins with the New Year. You' ll get soaked by the funny splash of waters from town to village during this aquatic event. With the waters rising in rivers and ponds, there are more opportunities for you to take in the thrill of canoeing in Inle Lake, Loikaw and Hpa An.

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We are happy to spend a few nights in the beachside area among some of our destination like Inle See and the surrounding area + Mrauk-U. When you consider that it could be rainy day - the coasts in this part of Asia are calmer? The Rakhine from May to October (Mrauk U/Sittwe/Ngapali Beach), because the ravage period can destroy Bangladesh.

During monsoons the seaside resort hotel is shut down and there are no longer scheduled services because of the heavy snow. However, a few inns may be open if you like a sandy and sandy area. Sometimes you can stay in Kalaw for 15 nights, the climate is cold all year round. Do not go to any of the beaches as it is the rain period, not many resort are open and you cannot go swimming during this area.

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