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Founded in 2013 to offer a truly self-sufficient and long-term networking marketplace, Successmore Being Co Ltd. can achieve sustained commercial growth by delivering the chosen consumable products, superior performance and high global brands. The SUCCESSMORE is an enterprise information, messaging and content management tool developed by Successmore Being Co.

DLM-activeist on 66 (d) indictment will be tried

One man fighting multi-level advertising turned up in a Yangon courthouse after being charged with defamatory crimes via online post about Successmore's managers and brand. YE MYO THANT, who came to the Dawbon Municipality on June 6, is charged with violating paragraph 66(d) of the Telecommunications Act of 2013.

Last September, Successmore Being Yangon Trading Co Ltd. brought 66(d) charges against Ye Myo Thant after publishing information about his senior management and multi-level executive search and promotion efforts on his corporate website. Multilevel sales or multilevel networking has grown at a rapid pace in Myanmar in recent years and many of the businesses are operating in this area.

At Successmore, we use multi-level email and email to market cosmetic, medical and healthcare supplements from Thailand. She says the product is FDA accredited. Its multilevel sales are in the K4,000 to K80,000 area. You Myo Thant Ye said on June 13 that the campaign against multi-level marketers because he wants to save careless users from the loss of cash.

"but we' re sharing the real information, so I have to move on," he said. Successmor Manager Nang Kham Wah La said the 66(d) case was brought against Ye Myo Thant because his actions had done "great" harm to the company's corporate name.

It operated under the Myanmar Companies Law and the trade laws and regulation, she said Frontier on June 13. As Successmore says, it has 100,000 members in its community, with most in Yangon and Mandalay and some in Myitkyina and Taunggyi. Approximately 10,000 of these members are selling Successmore branded goods.

A Successmore member selling goods for the firm and talking to Frontier on an anonymous basis said the firm told the members not to betray clients, but it was possible that some were disingenuous. Frontier said on September 28, 2017 that multi-level advertising is contentious, but most businesses are legal.

Member companies usually make a living from the sale of consumables, but are also encourage others to buy the same product. "It can be a legitimately multi-level merchandising strategy if the amount of cash you make is dependent on your outreach.

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