Struggle for Democracy in Myanmar Wikipedia

Fight for democracy in Myanmar Wikipedia

If you don't even know the meaning of "Fighting Peacock", how can you stand up for democracy in Burma and understand the struggle of our people? The National League for Democracy (NLD): It is still fighting for real democracy in Myanmar for two decades. Well, at the sunset of his government, President Obama tried to accelerate his legacy of democracy-building in Asia. Burma Independence commander Aung San.

Fight for Burma's democracies

In 1948, Myanmar won independence from Colonization and became democracies. In 1962, it ended the country's democracies with a coup d'├ętat. In 1990, for the first case in almost 30 years, Aung San Sui Kyi won the polls, and the army placed the chosen pro-democracy ruler, among them Sui Kai, under domestic arrest.

3. The big ones in Myanmar have taken all the right from the tribe and about 6-10 lek have found refuge in other countries; Myanmar is still an ambiguous army government. There is no such thing as a general purpose adults deductible in the state, i.e. the right to elect is granted to a restricted number of persons with a certain skill, laws are either dismantled or abandoned and do not work, only persons with a certain skill can participate in elections.

WHY ARE THE MOST why are the most important provisions and demands of human beings in this country? the beginning of the democratization of the country is their primary demand, because they really wish that the right-wing regime would stop assassinating them and take away their right. Twenty years ago, the pretext that "they fight communism" was obsolete, they were withheld from them any kind of free politics, they could not vote or vote for their leaders, they could not found associations, they were refused the right to speak and the right to be heard in the media.

Mr Aung is the leading figure in the fight for Myanmar's democracies. While in Burma, she supported the pro-democracy GROUP NO:- 6 that pushed forward Burma's policy reform, preaching to the Burmese population and calling for a dynamic democratically elected regime to allow the Burmese nation to enjoy liberty.

It had devoted its lives to the inhabitants of Burma so that the Myanmar population could enjoy the liberty it deserved. It has earned its name in Burma's past and will forever struggle for it. NEW REPORT - TIMES OF INDIA, NEW DELHI Myanmar, a nation of around 50 million inhabitants.

An army plane of 5,00,000 soldiers denied an entire country its most fundamental right Aungsansuukyi, pro-democracy leaders, symbolizing the NO:-6GROUP struggle for Myanmar's population to be free. When she was dismissed in May 2002, there was great hopes that this would be a move towards Myanmar as a democratic country that would result in great political reform.

However, Aung sand souu Kiyi and her followers were attacked by a government-sponsored bully during last year's trip to the north of Myanmar. The assault claimed 70 lives and 100 were detained, among them Aung Sangsuki. The offices of the National League for Democracy (NDP) throughout the entire state have been shut down.

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