polystyrene Styropor®, an expansible Polystyrol (EPS), was developed by Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1951 and is today a classical among the basic ingredients for economical construction and the use of efficiently and reliably produced packagings. Through its global manufacturing facilities, Ludwigshafen, Germany, is synonymous with customer focus, supply dependability and state-of-the-art technology supports.

The Peripor is an expanded EPS (polystyrene) which is particularly suited for pressurized work. Styropor® and Peripor® have the most important properties:


Styrofoam is an expansible styrene known for its low density, high damping capacity and outstanding heat behaviour. Styropor is one of the world's most recognised and efficient insulating and packing material and has been one of the leaders since its invention in 1951. The Neopor is an innovative insulator that uses high-purity carbon to improve the insulating properties of the material.

The Neopor foams have a clear silver-grey colour and increase their insulation capacity by up to 20% compared to traditional EPS. Neopor branded Neopor brand in North America is used as an ingredient brand on Neopor convenience foods. Styrofoam and Neopor can be adjusted to a variety of uses, from design to final consumption packing.

Styrofoam and Neopor are available in a wide range of formulas for different use.

German Translations

Peanuts, nous prenons ces jolis petits chocolats que nous recevons et nous les avons eus à la place. Let's say that every few times you give someone a beverage, you give them the beverage and you also give them your polystyrene PBR.

There is no single tool in this pack that allows them to go anywhere but into an ever-growing bunch of undigestible polystyrene shells.


The Peripor® is an expansible EPS (polystyrene), which is particularly suited for pressure-loaded application with low moisture uptake. The Peripor is an expansible EPS (polystyrene) that is particularly suited for pressurized low demand demanding work. Styropor® and Peripor® have the most important properties:

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