Strange Object Falls from Sky

A strange object falls from the sky

That man wanted to water his field when he saw a strange object in the sky. You ever see strange lights in the sky? It is incredible how often people have reported strange objects that have literally just fallen from the sky. Strange stories of objects falling from the sky - explained! There were people in northwestern Connecticut buzzing about a mysterious object that fell from the sky on Wednesday night.

Confused local people after a mystical object falls from the sky and leaves a scorching craters.

Residents of a Mandarin town were abandoned in confusion after an unidentified object appeared to have dropped from the sky leaving a large gap on the floor. You said the object crashed loudly on December 12 in the town of Zhangjiapan, Shaanxi Province, on the top of the hill, People's Daily Online commented.

There was a fire in the caldera when some of the inhabitants rush, but no object was found in the well. A few folks have associated the event with a UFO. It is said that the craters were one meter long (3.2 feet) and 50 centimeters broad (1.6 feet). It is said that the ring fell at high speed and fell onto the roof of a building.

According to policemen, all items have been sent to expert testers. It shows fire that burns in the caldera, but no fixed object can be seen in it. Looking up, he saw an object that quickly fell on the hill, the village man said. And then it began to burn.

It must have fell from a crashing extraterrestrial spaceship," one of them said, while another said: "The ring looks like the front of a UFO cabin". One of the users, apparently frightened by the event, said: "I will look at the sky as I walk. This is being examined by the authorities.

A mysterious object falls from the sky and leaves a scorching craters on the farmer's field - when frightened Chines towns panicked over an ALIEN Inmasion?

HINESE locals are confused after a strange object that seems to have fallen from the sky has created a large pit on the attic. People' s Daily Online reports that the people of Zhangjiapan in Shaanxi Province claimed they saw a booming noise and that something had ended up on the hill. The photographs of eye-witnesses show the fire that burns in the huge pit, but nothing can be seen in it.

One man, known only as Zhang, said to that he could hear a low-pitched tone in the sky on Friday around 1 p.m. and saw an object fall. "There was a big boom when it struck the floor. And then it began to burn. A large metallic ring with numbers and characters on the top was one of the items near the volcano.

The ring is thought to have collapsed on the top of a building. It must have dropped off a crashing extraterrestrial spacecraft." They' re looking into the case and all the items found have been sent for test.

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