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Browse The Strand Yangon, Myanmar hotel review on Telegraph Travel. Celebrate your stay and discover everything we have to offer at The Strand Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar from The Leading Hotels of the World. Well-known for its elaborately painted lacquer bowls, Myanmar today offers many more treasures to collect. Discounts at The Strand Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar. Strand Hotel is located on Strand Road overlooking the Yangon River, in the centre of Yangon.

Yangon Beach Hotel Review, Myanmar

There are drawbacks - the transport can be horrible and it is further away from the airfield - but the area is intriguing and you can get to know it easy (and safe) early in the mornings, before breakfasts and at nights. There are three points of sale in the hotel: Doubleroom from US$334 (£271) in low seasons; and from US$564 (£458) in high seasons, inclusive of bed and breakfasts and taxes.

It' not inexpensive, but this hotel is synonymous with atmospheric travelling and a hundred years later it provides more than enough.

Yangon Beach - Yangon, Myanmar: The world's foremost hotels

Myanmar's beach takes visitors back to the days when Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham lived here. Situated on the bank of the Yangon River, The Strand is set in a renovated historic, Viktorian townhouse. It quickly became one of Asia's most renowned hotel accommodating the likes of Prince Edward, George Orwell and Noël Coward.

Nearly a hundred years later, the famous hotel owner Adrian Zecha took a look at the dilapidated historical estate and began restoring his heritage. With its stick furnishings, high blankets and jasmine perfume, the foyer takes visitors back to the days when Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham lived here.

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Well-known for its elaborately decorated paint shells, Myanmar now has many more gems to collect. Bogyoke Aung San Market (formerly Scott Market) was constructed by the British in 1926 and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. Insider know they need to take the steps to Yoyamay (Bogyoke Market #20, Main Front Building; +95-1-256-411), a jewellry box-sized store full of jewelry, jewelry and accessoires from all over Myanmar and classy curators hip from an Chin State neighbor.

Reliable antiques take place in Augustine (No. 25 Thiri Mingalar St, Kamayut Township; +95-1-525-359 or +95-9-541-9459). On the beach and on the top floor of the beloved monsoon dining venue (link to our dining page), fair-trade trailblazer Pomelo Boutique (89 Thein Byu Road; +95-1-295-224) features adorable, easy-to-wrap stuffed animals, handcrafted handicrafts, pearl jewelry and glass goods purchased directly from craft co-operatives in Myanmar, and fine Rakhine State apparel.

So is Myanmar Lacquerware (No. 7,13th Street; +95 1 226 261), a dependable and inexpensive resource for these popular local produce. Before Myanmar's opening to the outside world the collectors had already devoted themselves to the emerging Yangon modernism. At the Pansodan Gallery (286 Pansodan St, Kyautada Township; +95 9 513 0846) on the outskirts of the Kolonialbezirk, the well-known gallery owner Aung Soe Min promotes talents from all over Myanmar and internationally, while his Pansuriya (100 Bo Galay Zay St, Botahtaung) relies on uncommon antique and modern photographs.

Classical Myanmar landscape and modern road arts are on display at the Nawaday Tharlarrt Gallery (room 304, third level, 20B Yaw Min Gyi Road' +95-9-4309-7918), where Pyay Way, trustee and collectors, is representing around 50 of Myanmar's finest painters. Founded in 1989 by the prestigious Mexican artiste Min Wae Aung, the New Treasurert Gallery (84A Thanlwin St, Golden Hill Avenue, Golden Valley, Bahan Township; +95 1 526 776) is dedicated to supporting young Mexican artis.

The River Gallery (Chindwin Chambers 33/35, 36th and 36th Street; +95-1-378-617) shows the works of establishing and up-and-coming Myanmarists.

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