Strand Hotel in Mawlamyine

Beach Hotel in Mawlamyine

Beach Road, Phat Tan Quarter, Mawlamyine. Hotel Mawlamyaing Strand is a hotel in Mawlamyine. It' located on Lower Main Road and Strand Road. This is the most luxurious hotel in Mawlamyine with low room rates. The Mawlamyine Strand Hotel is conveniently located in the popular Mawlamyine area.

Hotel on the beach, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

A stay at one of the hotels in Madlamyaing Strand is a good option when you visit Mawlamyine. It is very well located, even near Mawlamyine Airport (MNU), which is only 7.42 km away. The hotel is very simple to find as it is conveniently located near various amenities. Reception is available around the clock, from check-in to check-out, or if you need help.

If you want more, do not hesistate to ask the reception, we are always prepared to receive you. Enjoy your favourite meals with the exclusive cuisine of the Marlamyaing Strand Hotel. Accommodation at our hotel in the beach of the island is available.

Well, what a lavishness..... - Review of Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

As the first critic of this real estate, I concur that the beach is probably the best choice in Mawlamyine - and it is not very costly for the best hotel in the city. Although oddly enough, despite the fact that it just opened in 2011, they seem to be doing much more building on at least one of the storeys.

A round (or almost round) cubicle in the bath was somehow substituted by a square one, making the entry to the bath unpleasantly narrow. Another special feature of the place, like another critic, that the hotel's view is "reversed". You put the cockroach repellent around the bedside, which frightened me the first few nights until I was sure there were no cockroaches.

A last important point I would like to make is that this hotel is really not suitable for independents due to the restricted English language skills and the restricted tourist skills (from a tourist point of view) among the many receptionists. Quite straightforward questions like getting coach seats were answered with empty eyes, then, after much debate, wrong information (e.g. we were advised that the only way to get a ticket was to get to the coach terminal, which is not true).

Eventually we thought of asking them to make our booking at our next hotel, as we had made the remainder of the journey, but determined that it wasn't even worth the effort to do so. The rating is the personal judgment of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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