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This charming, three-story Victorian hotel is a national landmark in central Yangon and offers a foretaste of the past with marble floors and rattan furniture. Strand Hotel Yangon, Myanmar: past, present and future. Every lover of big old colonial hotels should spend a few nights at The Strand in Rangoon, Burma. It feels right to sit in the beach café and have freshly brewed Burmese tea while nibbling on delicious sandwiches and pastries. Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel is located on the banks of the Thanlwin River with a magnificent view of the sunset.

His past, present and futures

In 1901, when the Strand Hotel Rangoon (now Yangon) was opened to the general population, at that time linen and mosquitonets were regarded as a delicacy. Sarkies Brothers (who also constructed the Raffles Hotel Singapore), the renowned Army hotel group, purchased the estate, opened it as a Strand Hotel and made it one of the Grand Colonial Hotels of Southeast Asia, now one of Yangon's most important iconic hotels, The Strand.

At that time Rangoon (now Yangon) was an important trading centre for the English Empire. It' s a pleasure to have my name entered in the guestbook along with these well-known beachcombers. We were greeted warmly by the hotel personnel, soon afterwards a cool bathrobe and refreshments, a relieve from the terribly scorching heat in Yangon.

The manager Mark gave us a guided visit of the hotel and some insight into the forthcoming renovations. With only 31 suits in this stunning estate, Butler is available 24/7 on each floor to help you with your needs and guarantee you a pleasant and unforgettable sojourn.

There is a wooden ground, a high ceilings with drapes and window frames, something you would have expected from a monumental farm. There was a large, tiled bath room with shower and bathtub. Reception by the Operations Manager after we settled down from our suite and gave him a brief overview of our very early morning trip to Bagan the next morning for The Strand Cruise Experience.

Afterwards we had a short stop at the Sarkies Bar, our coffee shop and our restaurante. It is a happy society in Yangon in the Sarkies Bar over the years. Now it is a favourite place for its beach sour cocktails, where visitors, business people and local people gather for a convivial get-together. Well-known for its home made Lobster Thermidor, the Yangon is a must for every Yangonian.

Unfortunately the eatery is closing for a personal event. We' ve also looked at the Yangon Beach Spa, which features a full range of treatments with a traditional Myanmar massage, a signature strand massage, and a swimming ritual. This was a brief but unforgettable sojourn. It was a singular act that was not available in many luxurious resorts around the globe.

We' re looking forward to going back after the refurbishment and enjoying this wonderful hotel to the fullest. Yangon Beach will be shut down from 1 May to November 2016 for a full face-lift that will restore the award-winning historic hotel to its former splendour. This classical colonial-style hotel retains its historic architectonic features such as granite and hexagonal floors, ventilators, candelabras, lacquered wooden furnishings, antique Myanmar furnishings and characteristic services, while its renewed range of colours and delicate ornamental detailing gives it a full appreciation and modern touch.

All 31 hotel suite interior fittings will be redesigned in line with the beach's iconic styling and refinement, while incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, as well as new climate, audio and communication equipment. This beach is known worldwide for its impeccable, personalized services and the suite continues to be looked after by a staff of high quality butler.

Yangon's most stylish beach signature restaurants, the hotel's gastronomic establishment, are reopened as they are only open in high seasons and run by a Michelin star caterer. Overlooking the hectic Yangon Road, the casual, stylish beach café serves a meal of Burma and West Coast food for breakfasts and lunches and continues to provide the backdrop for the famed beach snack teas, which will be enhanced with other UK and Burma cuisine.

Sarkies Bar, the hotel's epicenter of society for over 114 years and a place for adventure seekers, discoverers and story-tellers such as Noël Coward and Rudyard Kipling. The exchange of tales about a classical beach sour coctail will also be completely revised and extended by an ample choice of white wines and singe malt.

A cordial welcome and the hotel team's intuitional services are at the core of every beach hotel adventure and are regarded as its greatest capital. Employees are held during the closing phase, during which the hotel invests in comprehensive services trainings and linguistic classes for the group.

Please note: This is a funded hotel accommodation at The Strand Yangon in Myanmar.

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