Follow in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors in Stonehenge - one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. This is your guide to Stonehenge, other ancient sites and stone circles in the UK, with practical information to make your visit easier. Where' s Stonehenge? A short introductory visit to Stonehenge

"Where' s Stonehenge?" is a much-asked questions when they travel from London. Situated ninety leagues westward of the centre of London, in the Wiltshire district of Salisbury Plain. Amesbury is the next city, the next local buses stop, two leagues eastwards.

Salisbury, 9. 5 leagues southward, is the next big city to Stonehenge, the next trainline. Travel from downtown London takes about two and a half hour if you use a coach, taking into account the amount of travel. The A303 is the east-west highway and leads you only one kilometer from the Steinen, where you turn off at the Airman's Corner round-about, where the Stonehenge Visitor Centre is at.

A region full of archeological heritage, there are many other sights near Stonehenge. It is only five leagues northwest of Durrington Walls, Woodhenge only three leagues westward, Old Sarum nine leagues southward. I' m 23 leagues due north on Avebury.

So how do you get to Stonehenge from London? You have three options: a full day London coach trip, independent travel by local rail (from Waterloo and Stonehenge Tours from Salisbury ) or renting or taking your own vehicle and traveling from London to Stonehenge.

A Stonehenge admission card includes the Stonehenge Residence, shuttles and Stonehenge acces. As Stonehenge is a very favourite destination with over a million people visiting each year, English Heritage strongly recommends that you reserve your seats in good advance. The number of minutes is limited to thirty - that is the period during which you register at the box office at the Stonehenge gate.

As soon as you have booked your free pass on-line, please make a printout of your order receipt and take it with you. So how long am I staying at Stonehenge? It' s a good idea to take at least two hrs to really appreciate Stonehenge, especially given the amount of information available in the Visitors' Center, which was constructed in 2014, and the additional amount of free space to rummage around in the souvenir mall.

They can be much longer, for example, if you want to take into account the scenery around and the amount of stone used. And if you have a particular interest, you can be here all and sundry. Stonehenge (which the shuttle buses use alone) can be reached on foot, and there are hiking paths throughout the countryside.

Stonehenge itself is the best starting point if you want to go around the Stonehenge area. Please note: The countryside around Stonehenge is freely accessible without having direct entrance to Stonehenge itself. After you have shown your reservation confirmations within your thirty-minute window, you can enter the shuttles at any point of entry outside the fair.

Stonehenge Visitor Centre is about one kilometer from the rocks. Parking is free for those who buy Stonehenge entrance cards. There is a shuttles (included in the fare ) that will take you down to see the rocks if you don't want to go on foot.

Stonehenge Visitors Center houses the Stonehenge exhibit, café, souvenir store and WC. When you arrive as part of a trip, you create a line that takes you around the side of the house and from there by shuttles to the checker. At the end, if you want to see the show, you can take some extra patience to see it.

The Stonehenge exhibit requires a full card to Stonehenge, everyone can use the cafe, souvenir store and restrooms. Stonehenge exhibits over 250 archeological gems used or dug up in Stonehenge, among them ceramics, instruments, jewelry and even man. It gives a good insight into the different theory of how Stonehenge was constructed and why, along with an insight into the humans who used Stonehenge.

Outdoors there are reconstructed Neo-Lithian homes and displays of how the bricks were moved. This souvenir store has a wide selection of textbooks, presents and memorabilia, many of which are made in the UK only for Stonehenge. Stonehenge Memorial Area itself has no protection (not even at the commuter station), no restrooms and no refreshment.

When you travel by coaches, pick up your audioguide as soon as you get off at the parking lot and another shuttle will take you directly to Stonehenge. You can also download a free English language audiotour from the Apple App or Googleplaystore.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the Visitors Center to make this possible. What good is there to see Stonehenge? There is Stonehenge all year round. 3 pm and 12 noon when many of the buses are arriving from London. I can' get near the rocks. You cannot go to the rocks during the regular opening times.

There is a path of about 10 meters to the rocks, the memorial has a low rope down to it. However, it is possible to go on and between the Stonehenge rocks outside opening time. This is known as special access visit. Only 26 persons are admitted to Stonehenge during these one-hour sittings. They go beyond the obstacles and run between the rocks.

Because these Stonehenge Special Access tours take place outside opening times, they take place at sunrise or in the afternoons. As London is two hour's car ride from London, there are logistic problems on arrival. Special Access Visits are also very much appreciated, the demands exceed the offer by far and they are often completely booked out month in advance. 2.

We' ve got special pages for those who want to join a Stonehenge Special Access tour separately and also a page about planned Stonehenge Special Access tours from London.

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