Stoneground Restaurant

The Stoneground Restaurant

The Stoneground Kitchen offers a wide selection of authentic Italian cuisine, NY-style pizza and handmade pasta. Stoneground Italian Kitchen is a wonderful restaurant near downtown Salt Lake City. Restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Orchestrate an event with Stoneground Restaurant Limited, be on the safe side and view their company reports! The Stoneground Restaurant's Piping Pizza is as hot as its reviews, and customers describe this delicious place as one of the best in the world.

Italian Stoneground Cuisine - Italian Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Pastas, Lettuce, Cocktails, Services & Ambience. A great restaurant with an urbane ambience. Marcus Polo is great! Ideal for all who like meats, cheeses and chili. Boiled noodles, no more soups or green beans. There are no more hots. Billiard desks gone. They try to "imagine something," so they have got away with the pianos and the billiard table.

And if you like sharp foods, get the Steve's in. Noodles, chickens, chilli and cheeses. Terrific luncheon!!!!! Barbecue pigs' lettuce is delicious. It' my favourite caesar in town. Steve's unique noodles are so F-ing good! When you' re not in a pancake atmosphere, the trolleyu steamed pancake is your dream: a great taste and texture in one.

Hottest things are hottest! Taste the Gorgonzola pizzas with pears. They are fantastic! Your blu ecream dressings are the right thing. Taste the warm chickens' wing! They are fantastic! Home Lettuce is fantastic - Bob the Proprietor has had a great place for many years. New york type pizzas, local beer, submarines, sandwich, soup, tiraminus.

This is fantastic dinner! Taste the hen a lfredo, it is REALLY delicious! A killer and a great ambience. It' a good afternoons to get out of the workroom and play a match or two in the swimming pools.

Stonegground Restaurant 249 S 400 S Ste 2, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Lovin' the place. Steve used to have a Steve used to have a full dish of pastas, even at noon. It' a little dish of noodles now, covered in lettuce. It is still tasty, but you can get the same eating qualities and more for the right prices....... at Cinegrill. It' a great place in Salt Lake City.

There is a friendly personnel, good meals and a relaxed, funny ambiance. I' ve been eating at Stoneground for years. Many of my NYC buddies are agreeably surprised to be serving genuine New York-style pizzas so far in the Western world. And if you like comforts, great cuisine ( "pizza" in particular) and a mature environment, you will love this restaurant as much as I do.

Stone ground was fine a few years ago, but it really went south. For the first one, the pastas (diavolo shellfish, since they were away from the menu....hmmm) were so salted that it was unpalatable and so greasy that I felt sick to look at the puddles of fat on the dish; today for dinner, the lettuce I had was obviously made last nights with flabby green, rotted green, shriveled gherkin and floury, nasty sunflower.

Horrible services. There was so little left to feed that he became upset. We' re there on a Sunday evening where they make the usual bread and butter pizzas. They said there was a shortage of grub to keep him busy because he was starving, but they didn't mind.

Then they were intrusive to get us our cheque when we had eaten very little to eat because they were so sluggish and how small the slice of it was. This is definitely not after sales support and the owner has to take care of it. Bad experiences due to inadequate client care and will never come back and avert everything I know.

It is a small restaurant/lounge on the upper floor. They' re serving good meals. You' re gonna like this. Are you looking for a trendy and picturesque little hinge with great cuisine? You've come to the right place! It was only our first visit, but we were very pleased. It was a well thought-out, alert and effective but not arrogant one.

We had a full meal of unconventional and local food, but since we were there for the first the Stoneground Classic was the right choice. There' was a flavorful sophistication in this product that you don't find in many places. When it comes to pizzas, this place is setting the standard!

Dinner is awesome and there's so much to see on the menus. Highly proffesional and composite services. It' exquisite and can be as off-centre or as simple as you like, it has all the fillings you could wish for. In Stoneground I often go just because it is one of the VERY few places in Salt Lake where you can sit in a restaurant after 9pm (I think the seats stop at 11am - call and ask).

It was like a seafood that found a little bit of dryness. While Stoneground is a really stylish place to get good pastas, beers and pools, the notable thing about this place is something that some may not appreciate; the easy but unsurpassable pleasure of being offered a New York styled alehouse.

Thirty years ago I was moving from New York to SLC and had their Salt Lakers for the first case end dark and I tell you, this pizzeria is serving the thin, slightly crunchy crusty slice with just the right amount of gravy flavored just the right way, exceeded with just the right amount of cheeses that New Yorkers might take for granted and who couldn't appreciate the Salt Lakers, but that someone from New York is missing dear.

Good serve and good administration terrible for pizzas. With about 60-70 persons the restaurant was quite well visited. After one and a half hours our group had only been offered 3 pizzas ($12. 99 + $2. 90 tip included). As we asked for more and noticed our concerns with the boss, he came to the desk and didn't believe us because his servers had made 10 passports and initialled every passport.

Well, he might have made 10 runs, but with each and every pie that serves only 10-12 slices and about 70 poeple sitting in the restaurant... you can do the maths. Her biography says the proprietor moves from New York to Salt Lake City, so he should go back to New York if that's his concept of CSR.

This restaurant is not recommended and will not be returned. The visit to Salt Lake City and my missus wanted to have a good slice of good quality luncheon in our room instead of getting out in poor sun. Stoneground on the web. Went there one Sunday evening to get a slice of bread... they wouldn't try to make me one.

He said Sunday evening was just for dinner..... WHAT! You even refused to give me a slice of it! I' m an eater, but it's not that great when you have a little money. Maybe the cost would be justifiable if the meals were biological. You have the best chic pepper pizzas - try it and you will long for it as I do!

Quite good services - somehow what you would have expected, they are very occupied and since it is a bit small, you want to be there early. A northeastern Utah graft, our Utah non-drinking and non-smoking extended familiy was used to the relaxing ambience, unparalleled food and friendly services of the New Jersey and New York Utah familyshubs.

Stoneground is like getting home. He was a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) alumnus on the Hudson River just off New York. Make sure you talk to the head waiter's son (Bob) for a second. Come for the free swimming pools (14-17 h), remain for the pizzas and noodles.

Remember that Sunday is a kind of food that you can have, so the normal meal is not available. His ministry was outside this work. It was a great choice with the choice of toppings. It had a good texture and just look good. Not too monstrous - side dressings, a sandwich for dinner, an additional piece of cheesepizza.

Not a very friendly waitress hit things on our desk as if it was OUR own doing that the food was too slow& he had ruined our order.

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