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Rhode Island, the smallest state, is actually more populous than a number of much larger states, including Montana, Alaska and Wyoming. This is California, the largest state, Wyoming the smallest. Data can be viewed both alphabetically and by population density. The majority of states are gaining inhabitants, but some have lost population in recent years. U.

S. population (by state and county).

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On April 1, 2010, the date of the 2010 United States Census, the nine most densely populated states of the United States contain just over half of the population. There are 25 less than one-sixth of the population. California, the most densely populated state, has more inhabitants than the 21 least populated states put together, and Wyoming is the least populated state with a population of less than 31 most densely populated US towns.

There is no formal population projection for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Virgin Islands between the ten-year headings. Total for 50 States and D.C. Puerto Rico13,337,17713,725,78913,808,6103-2.2%Terr. Guam2[Note 1]2159,3582154,80512.9%Terr. American Virgin Islands3[Note 1]3106,4053108,6122-2.0%Terr. American-Samoa4[ Comment 1]455.519557.2914-3,1%Terr. North Mariana Islands5[Note 1]553,883469,2215-22.2%Terr.

There is no formal population projection for American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and American Virgin Islands between the ten-year headings. The United States Census Bureau. "Population 2010". U.S. Census Bureau. "Census 2009 estimates." U.S. Census Bureau.

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These are a United States of America by population from 2016. It has been compiled using the United States Census Bureau 2016 estimate. In the 2010 census, the population of the United States as a whole was 308,745,538, an estimate of 318,857,056 in July 2014.

This number includes all persons who are not only visitors: This includes nationals, non-citizens with fixed residence and non-citizens with long-term residence. Members of the armed forces working in other states and their relatives are numbered in their home state. After China and India, the United States of America is the third largest nation in the hemisphere.

United States - by population 2018

With a population of several percent points, California is the most densely populated state in the USA and represents 12% of the population. Texas is the second largest country in geographical terms, with around 23 million inhabitants, and accounts for 8.69% of the population. In 2017, however, population grew by 1.43% in Texas and by only 0.61% in California.

Rhode Island, the smallest state, is actually more densely populated than a number of much bigger states, among them Montana, Alaska and Wyoming. Wyoming actually has the smallest population in the USA with just over half a million inhabitants. Montana, with its famed Big Sky, has almost ten thousand fewer inhabitants than the relatively small Rhode Island.

It is interesting to note that some of the major states had declining population in 2017, and Wyoming had the highest declining rate of all, almost 1%. Louisiana, Mississippi and Hawaii were other countries with declining population in 2017. Probably surprising, although Chicago is one of the biggest towns in the United States, the population of Illinois fell by 0.26% in 2017.

A few countries also had significant population increases. Nevada's population grew by 2%, while Idaho's by 2.20%. Countries such as Washington and Oregon - home of Seattle and Portland respectively - continue to grow, with Washington's population up 1.71% and that of Oregon up 1.39%.

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