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HEATHER' S STATEMENT, SPEAKER. from Bhamo (now in the state of Kachin) and the legendary "Burma Road". SummaryPapun District Image AnalysisToungoo District Image AnalysisDooplaya District Image AnalysisShan State Image AnalysisShwegyin Distric. The Kachin state is Burma's northernmost state, bordering China to the east and India to the west. Check all Chin State hotel deals at once.

Responsibility for human rights violations in the state of Rakhine, Burma

In recent years, Burma has come out of half a hundred years of autocratic domination and has made a significant shift towards an open, participatory world. As an important means of achieving peacemaking, stabilization and well-being in the interests of all Burmese people and the US-Burma relationship, the US administration is supporting this transfer and the civil administration that has been election.

Simultaneously, we are expressing our deepest concerns about the recent incidents in the state of Rakhine and the brutal, traumaous attacks that Rohingya and other societies have suffered. All those or institutions involved in horrors, whether they are non-state players or citizens' militants, must be brought to justice. Accordingly, in supplementing the limitations of our already restricted involvement with the Burmese Army and our long-standing ban on all Burmese army purchases, the United States is taking the following measures to achieve accountability and an end to the violence:

As of August 25, we have suspended the review of JADE Act renunciations of JADE travellers for present and former Burma Army leaders; we are reviewing the JADE Act with a view to examining financial opportunities for those connected with horrors; under the Leahy Act, all entities and officials engaged in operation in northern Rakhine State are no longer eligible to obtain or take part in US aid programmes; we have withdrawn requests for older security personnel from Burma to take part in US activities.

Cooperating with multinational counterparts to press for Burma to allow the UN fact-finding missions, multinational human agencies and the press free entry into related areas; investigating accounting frameworks available under US legislation, in particular Global Magnitsky's specific sanction. While we will continued to assist Burma's democratic transformation and our attempts to find a solution to the present Rakhine situation.

Burma's government, as well as its military force, must take immediate measures to guarantee freedom and safety, meet obligations to guarantee human rights in emergency situations, ease the secure and volunteer returns of those who have escaped or been evicted in Rakhine State, and tackle the causes of Rohingya's systemic discriminatory behaviour by following the Rakhine Advisory Commission's recommendation, which provides a trustworthy way to nationalism.

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