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U.S. State Department reporting on responsible investment requirements in Burma. The Myanmar security forces are involved in ongoing security operations in the northern state of Rakhine. It is not advisable to travel unnecessarily to the state of Rakhine.

The Amnesty International USA is opposed to weakening the requirements of the State Department Reporting Requirements on Responsible Investment in Burma. Rohingya and Kachin's plight in Myanmar.

Myanmar (Burma) International travel information

Burma's government monitors trips to, from and within Burma. In order to come to Burma you need a current identity card with at least six month period of expiry and a current visas. Before arriving in Burma, you should obtain your visas from a local foreign diplomatic mission or a foreign diplomatic missions. You must present your pass with a current type of visas at all Burma airport, railway station and hotel.

Visas Information: Burma's government's eVisa programme allows travellers to obtain visas on-line rather than through a physical application to an Embassy or Consulate: As a rule, you will be informed within a few working hours whether you have already received a student or not. They must present the permit on entry into Burma.

As soon as you are admitted for the permit, the permit must be used within three month. eVisa Myanmar (Official website of the government). Burma's government has a travelers' business travel programme. It is only available to those with a formally invited company registration with the Burmese Ministry of Commerce, NOT to visitors.

We also have a mediaeval vision for those who are going to do long-term study in convents and mediaeval centres. Burma's Permanent Mission to the UN is at 10 East 77th St., New York, NY 10021. Travellers should be careful when travelling to these areas. US citizens who experience a health crisis will find it difficult to receive appropriate care and evacuate in time.

The Burmese government's restriction on US diplomatic movements may limit our capacity to help US nationals affected by events in isolated and/or conflict-affected areas of Burma. Burma's criminality rate, especially among foreign nationals, is lower than in many other provinces in the area.

It is recommended that people be particularly careful when taking a taxi too early in the morning. Travelling is deteriorating considerably and cycles can take two or three months, culminating in May or November. Travellers are urged to be prepared for Cyclone emergencies and to supervise onsite messaging channels when predicting them. Myanmar's Meteorology and Hydrology Department has a color-coded system for windstorm systems: color-coding reds for windstorms that approach the country in Burma, reds for windstorms that move towards Burma, reds for windstorms that develop, and browns for recent one.

Seismic events can happen all over Burma. Directorate-General of Homeland Security has a wealth of information on disaster response kit, disaster preparedness and contingency plan development resources: You will find useful hints under Safe Travelling Abroad. You can find samples on our website on crime against children abroad and on the website of the Ministry of Justice. Burma's laws prohibit double citizenship for its people.

Occasionally, Myanmar officials have arrested and prosecuted crimes against Burmese-American citizens who have come back to Burma with US passes and have proof of Myanmar nationality, such as a national registration cardhold. Burma laws require that visitors spend the night in a hotel or guesthouse. Burma's 1964 Motor Vehicles Act provides that alcohol drivers must be sentenced to either six-month imprisonment or a 500 Kie. or both.

According to Burma's laws, offending one' s religious beliefs is a criminal offence. Religious travellers: The LGBTI travellers: Consonsensual same-sex acts are unlawful under paragraph 377 of the Criminal code of Burma, which contains regulations against "sexually abnormal" behaviour and includes sentences up to lifelong prison sentences. For more information, please see our LGBTI Travel Information page and Section 6 of our Human Rights Disclosure.

Travellers who need help with accessibility: Disabled people should be ready for trouble throughout Burma. There are seldom a ramp or disabled access equipment. Please see our page International Student and FBI Travelling Hints. Travellers: Please see our women's trip advice. The majority of Burmese health institutions are insufficient for the provision of regular health services.

When you seek healthcare in Burma, you will be asked to make payment in advance of treatment for all healthcare and medication; most healthcare institutions do not accept payment for your card and do not charge for it. Appropriate emergency healthcare systems, as well as outpatient treatment, are not available at all.

People who are hospitalised in general need a member of their families or a colleague to help them look after them inpatient. Only a few Burmese health workers are educated to US-standard. US nationals in need of emergency health services were refused access to healthcare in government clinics for underfunding.

You' re likely to need to be relocated to a clinic outside Burma in an emergencys. Evacuating people from Burma is costly and is usually done in the form of money, so we recommend that you take out health eviction cover. There are no doctor invoices. Health insurance: The majority of service suppliers abroad only accepts payment in bar.

Much of the medicine sold in Burma is fake or tampered with or may not be available. Travellers should consider Burma's medicines generally insecure and take their own medicines with them for the length of their sojourn. When travelling on prescribed drugs, contact the government of Burma to make sure the drugs are lawful in Burma.

Traveler's diarrhea: As diarrhoea is widespread, travellers should adhere to safer foods and recommended waters, as well as foods that are boiled and eaten at high temperature and only drink bottled swill. When driving in Burma, stay vigilant to keep people out. It is said that many of the lorry driver travelling between China and Rangoon are under the impact of methamphetamine and other stimulant drugs.

The majority of Myanmar riders do not turn on their lights until the skies are totally black. Nautical travel: Seafarers who plan a trip to Burma should also look for US seafaring advice and warnings at

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