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Although software cannot speed up an overnight bus ride to Mandalay, it can help users buy tickets faster. Buy a Yangon to Bagan ticket - where? - The forum of Myanmar

Buy a Yangon to Bagan ticket - where? I have just come back from my journey in Myanmar. Visiting Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Ngwe Saung Beach by only coaches. I' d like to report about our journey on Myanmar. Prior to our journey, I knew only JJ and Elite - 2 of Myanmar's most prestigious coach companies.

I' ve been in contact with JJ two month before our journey. that they can validate the ticket only two week before the date we do it. Myanmar was really excited because this year is the New Year of the Moon and Myanmar is the ascending star among ASIANS. Our journey may be broken and our ticket may be out.

Searching for other routes (Bagan-Mandalay; Yangon-Ngwe Saung), I came across Star Ticket Myanmar on my faqb. You answered me quickly - 1 uncommon thing, as I approached many Myanmar tourist agencies for a sightseeing itinerary and only almost half of them answered me back. You asked about my Myanmar map and gave me the whole journey.

They' ve told me that they can get JJ ticket for our itineraries ('Yangon-Bagan','Mandalay-Yangon'). Pricing is good, no difference to other providers (e.g. Yangon-Ngwe Saung Beach Ticket makes it even a little less expensive. Thought it wasn't going to be a waste of my valuable free moment to contact one coach operator after another to get our ticket; not to speak about the fact that not all overseas buses can be approached via e-mail or via fax, the rates didn't seem to be different, and I didn't want to be too dangerous, I wanted to get our ticket before our journey, so I chose to have Star Ticket Myanmar take care of all our travel passes.

You were kind enough to get us into the front ranks with different coach companies when you knew one of us was ill. When they knew we were not going into Yangon city center (their offices are downtown) on the first date we got to Yangon to buy us food for dinner (outside the city center), they accepted to give us our ticket to help us saving us a lot of cash and paper.

Please always call us during our journey to remember that the next coach goes to the next town. From my own experiences I suggest you to get a ticket broker who manages all the ticket sales. The fares are not so different from the price of bookings made directly, travel passes are reserved in advanced and it is not necessary to get in touch with a coach company.

I' ll come back to Myanmar and definitely have Star Ticket Myanmar manage my ticket.

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