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Only for East Malaysia, otherwise see below. Which payment methods are available for subscribing to The Star ePaper? TABLOID The Star is an English-language newspaper in Malaysia. Star ePaper is a digital replica of Malaysia's leading English daily newspaper, providing you with news and articles that inform and inspire. TABLOID The Star is an English-language newspaper in Malaysia.

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Only for East Malaysia, otherwise see below. There is a difference in the way you do it. The kiosk has a specific 3 working day registration page. Log in via your Newspaper Agent by hand, processing will take about 7 working day. For further information, please contact our After Sales Services on 1300 88 7827 (STAR).

Where can I sign up for The Star ePaper? How can I pay for a The Star ePaper membership? To pay by bank transfer, click here to register on-line. How can I access The Star ePaper? ePaper registration data will be sent by e-mail via the newsstand within 3 workingdays of the date of registration.

Subscription ManualFor subscription payments that are not paid on-line (e.g. in bar or by cheque), you will be sent an e-mail with your access data within 3 workingdays of the payment receipt. After I registered my account I did not get a verification-e-mail. We will send you a verification e-mail within one hours after your successfull register.

In the event you do not get a verification e-mail, please call Customer Service on 1300 88 7827. What can I do to verify that my subscriptions are automatically renewed? Log into your Newsstand and go to the My Account> My Transaction page. Can I get the VAT bill for my membership?

You can check the e-mail in your newsstand e-mailbox. Sign into your kiosk in. Can I extend my subscriptions? The amount will be charged to your debit cardholder at the beginning of your membership and at any point in the process. Newsstand SubscriptionIf you have subscribed to Newsstand, please sign in here and click on My Account>My Subscriptions.

To extend your subscriptions by hand, please call Customer Service on 1300 88 7827. Log in to your Newsstand user profile, go to the My Account>My Transaction page and choose automatic renewal. What do I need to do to get started with The Star ePaper? iOS & Android) Download the'The Star ePaper' application from your Apple Retail Store and authorize your mobile phone in the application with your user name and by-pasword.

Is it possible to view my e-paper on more than one machine at the same time? Once I have updated my machine, how can I view Star iPaper on my new machine? First you have to de-authorize your old unit. You can then install the Star Reader on your new machine and authorize it with your user name and your passwort.

Will I need an ISP to view The Star iPaper? If you view the e-book via a web navigator, your machine must be online. When you are viewing your application's eBooklet, an online session is only necessary while you download editions, use sound readers, and distribute articles.

What is the duration of the Star eBaper installation? Do I have direct reinstatement? Between 7 and 60 earlier editions are available, according to the subscriptions you have. If I forgot my passwort for my e-book, what happens? We will send your login information to your e-mail account to clear your passwords after sending the necessary information.

Do I have offshore acces to ipaper? If you have an open source link, you can download your e-paper from anywhere in the wide web, except China, North Korea and Zimbabwe. They can be accessed via either Adobe Reader or Apple, according to the latest guidelines. Star is not responsible for any limitations of entry resulting from the above reasons.

Where can I modify my passwords for my eBaper membership? Where can I edit my e-mail-adress? Deactivate your non-used unit. Then authorize your bankroll with your favorite machine. If I have not received an e-mail after I reset my passwords, what should I do? When you have not received the e-mail, please verify your spam filter, just in case the verification e-mail is forwarded.

In order to avoid that the e-mail gets into your spam folders, please insert the originator into your contact. When you register via Newsstand, please log in under>My Account>My Transaction. If I cancel before my membership ends, will I get a reimbursement? Is it possible to switch my existing Subscriptions Pack to another The Star action?

No, there will be no change to the plan until your existing plan is over. Do I get a reimbursement if I terminate my automatic extension after my membership has been extended? Are the ePaper trials completely free? This page will be accessible as soon as you have received your user name and your passwort from the relevant partner promotion we have.

What is the probationary term? Probationary periods vary from case to case and also depend on the partner we work with. May I prolong the probationary phase? No, the probationary phase is based on the conditions of the campaign. Can I get the printed newspaper for free?

Do I have direct reinstatement? Yes, you can view past editions for up to 30 business day as long as you have an activated subscription balance for eBook. How can I use The Star iPaper? Deliveries will take at least 5 to 7 working day (Manual / Redeemption Link / Roadshows), after approval by STAR MEDIA GROUP BERHAD (formerly Star Publications[Malaysia] Berhad) and possible cooperation partner.

If I have successfully registered for the Test-ePaper, how can I find out? We will send you a verification e-mail within 7 working day. In the event you do not get a verification message, please call Customer Service on 1300 88 7827. You will also be sent an e-mail from Newsstand, which you can use to carry out all your subscriptions servicing.

Is it possible to stop the test phase of the iPaper? After the probation ary what happens? Is my membership extended after the free evaluation phase? If you want to register, please reference this for your copy of our brochure and here for the package.

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