Star City Thanlyin Zone B

Thanlyin Star City Zone B

A ZONE B equipment unit for sale!!!!!

Ready to move in devices for sale in Zone B at affordable prices. The work on Thilawa'Zone B' starts after the rainy season. The final zone B apartments in Star City are available. Condominium for rent in Star City.

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Dragoge's Singapore Pte Ltd, in collaboration with SPA Project Management Pte Ltd, has been commissioned by Thanlyin Realty Development Ltd to plan and construct the second stage of Star City, a prestigious housing complex with 4,980 flats, parking spaces and community amenities on the Pagu River on the edge of Yangon, Myanmar.

BYMA, a Singapore based company managed by Dragages, will design and build 3 8-storey and 2 12-storey units with a total of 114,000 square meters of total space and the associated facilities. The work began in 2013 and the work is expected to be concluded less than three years later.

BOYGUES INDUSTRIES boygues industries. BYMA brings together the engineering competence and community know-how of SPA Project Management Pte Ltd with Bouygues Construction's extensive global building work. The company is part of Yoma Strategic Holdings, a leader in Myanmar property, agricultural and automotive investments and is a member of the Main Board of Singapore Securities Exchange Trading Limited (SGX-ST).

It is the first treaty of Dragages Singapore in Myanmar after the opening of the land and the lifting of globalisation.

The Thanlyin Star City - New City Vietnam

You now have the chance to live with them in a luxury new home while investing in your own futures. At the outskirts of Yangon, in Thanlyin Township, an exlusive verdant harbour municipality is emerging that shows Myanmar's glowing years. 1st Thanlyin Star City, "Star*City Yangon in Myanmar", called February 14, 2014,

Pun & Associates, "Milestones", access March 27, 2014, "3 "Yoma releases new units for sale in Star City", The Singapore Edge, November 21, 2013,

Look who's in Myanmar Star City making a $94 million dollar effort.

Solid construction of 1,043 flats. {yoma} stated that through its wholly-owned affiliate SPAject Management Pte. SPA PM, a 70% jointly controlled entity with Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd (DSPL) for the construction of 1,043 Zone B vehicles of Thanlyin Star City in Myanmar.

DPSL owns 60% of the shares (BYMA) and SPA PM owns 40%. The BYMA Group will build 1,043 flats and related areas in the Zone B condominiums complex in Star City. Zone B in Star City is the second of five stages in the property's history. DSPL's participation assures the Group of the dependability of the deadlines and building standards of the completed ingots.

With many new products in Myanmar, the building sector is offering enormous potential for BYMA's future development. In addition to Zone B in Star City, BYMA is already pursuing several other missions. It is still pending Myanmar government approvals.

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