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Starfleet City can refer to it: The Starcity is a lifestyle brand that is building a new category of property between hotel and home. Wake up the thrill-seeker in you and enjoy a Ride-All-You-Can-Pass in Star City; choose from these exciting options: An artisanal microbrewery in Miamisburg (Ohio's Star City) in the Peerless Mill Inn.

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Cosy communal houses in the centre of the city. We share our thoughts, our meals and our room to increase our commitment to a life of sustainability. If we are happy with it, we choose joint activities. Socioisolation is a rising pandemic - we are solving this issue by uniting human beings to build useful alliances.

We have communal houses in lively neighbourhoods of San Francisco. To construct our houses and promote a common goal, we hire craftspeople by taking locals to our event rooms. Be part of our team.

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Enter a magic universe where the toy is bigger than children. It is not part of Ride All You Can and is subject to a seperate charge. The Star City's Art Alive Museum has over 30 pictures with which visitors can interactively explore artful, funny and crazy postures. Drivers can even check the excitement, as each pod can be woven separately!

It'?s no usual Caterpillar trip. Operator/DJ will not delay increasing the sound level as the drive gains momentum! The road regulations are lifted with this classical amusement parking trip! Control your own independent driven vessel in an inner lake. Children can unleash all this power and have endless playtime in the hall.

The seven-metre long, rotating children's train has six baths for ducks, each with up to four seats. Put your children behind the steering wheels of a wide range of motorcycles, from fire engines to ambulances driving up and down a circuit in a convoi. Young children will love turning around in huge teacups.

The STAR CITY big bike for children. Her little cherub can soak up the feeling of a big sprocket minus the immense altitude. Allow your children to have the pleasure and thrill of riding without the nuisance of the city' s busy city. This is a trial drive for your adventure loving child who can't yet try the horse!

Carshaped cars turn counterclockwise and capture the excitement of a pursuit! Philippines' highest Ferris Wheel provides a magnificent panoramic look at Roxas Boulevard and Manila Bay, as well as the vastness of the recovered countryside. There is no other excitement in the Philippines! A classical Journey to the Vikings ensures a scream of joy.

With room for 50 grown-ups, it can swing forward and backward as near as it can shake the turbulent sea on its way to a violent mayhem! Cruise on a whitewater stream that winds through the jungle's core and culminates in an exciting drip.

The thrilling trip on the deck catches the riot of wave surfing with every turn and every up-and-down! It is not part of the price; needs a seperate charge. An unparalleled adrenalin pump library in the centre of the city! This is not part of the All You Can Pass.

Needs a seperate charge. REQUIRED FEES Enjoy the ultimative battles of lasers! The new renovated Gabi ng Lagim opens with a new, hair-raising thrill inspired by traditional music. The Pirate Adventure is a cruise that will take you to the bold universe of the most adventuresome sailors!

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