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The Romanian professional footballer Bogdan Sorin Stancu plays for the Turkish club Bursaspor. Given Name: Bogdan Sorin; Last Name: Stancu; Nationality: Home - Find a Doctor; Mihaela Stancu.

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Mum Bogdan Sorin Stancu (Romanian pronunciation: ?sta?ku ?sta?ku Mum Bogdan Sorin Stancu (Romanian pronunciation: bo??dan so?rin ?sta?ku]; b. June 28, 1987) is a Rumanian pro soccer player playing for the Bursaspor team. Stancu made his first jersey appearance in a friendlies against Maribor on 30 June 2008 and opened the scores. Steaua won his second home win against Roma 3-1 in a friendlies on 26 July.

Stancu made his first doubles for Steaua against Gloria Bistri?a on 23 August 2008 in league I. In his first 5 league I games for Steaua he achieved 4 highscores. In several friendlies during the conservative season he achieved 4 times. In the sixth minutes of the game against Politehnica on 14 March 2009, he achieved Ia?i and led Steaua to the win.

In his first Steaua campaign, he was the top goalscorer with 11 strikes, together with Greek Pantelis Kapetanos. In the second round of the Europa League qualifiers on 16 July 2009, he entered the new campaign and took second place against Újpest.

The third and last time against Motherwell he had to score a perfect service from Rafa? Grzelak. At the 6th of August 2009 he played two more against the same Motherwell and helped his side make it into the play-offs of the Europa League. A fortnight later, he struck two more against St. Patrick's Athletic.

During 9 games in Europe he achieved 6 scores. He was the team's top goalscorer in the Europa League at the end of the campaign with 6 strikes. Stancu opened the campaign for the second time on 25 July 2010 with a 2-1 away victory over Universitatea Cluj. The second round saw him equalise against FC U Craiova in the 66nd after Valentin Iliev opened the gate, 12 moments later his colleague Romeo Surdu opened the second and helped the side to a 2-1 home game.

On round 4 he defeated Victoria twice, scoring the first in 24 minutes and the winner in 67 minutes, Steaua won 2-1. His first game of the year in Europe, he was the only one to score in a 1-0 win over Grasshopper. On round 5, he played FC Vaslui, scoring the second gate of the game in the forty-sixth, Steaua 3-0.

In round 10 he conceded two against Sportul Studen?esc in a 4-2 win. In the next two laps he struck three times, one against Dinamo Bucure?ti and two against Pandurii Târgu Jiu in a 2-0 win. On the fourth day of the Europa League, Stancu netted two against Utrecht in a 3-1 win, both scoring in the 51nd and 53nd game.

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