St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral, London, is an Anglican cathedral, seat of the Bishop of London and the Mother Church of the Diocese of London. Find out more about the history of St. Paul Cathedral. You can study his art and architecture.

The cathedral is the church of Bishop David M. Zubik. St. Paul's Cathedral is the seat of the Anglican primate of Australia and home church of the Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria.

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Revd Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral, interviewed Hughie O'Donoghue about his new picture of St. Martin of Tours, which was set up in July 2018 in the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor in St. Paul's Cathedral at its crypta. As Christians, how can we respond to the pressing, sometimes overpowering policies we see every mornings?

What is the meeting place of policy, theory and belief? A way to reconsider is to look at Jesus' own acts and teachings, to ask whether they were or were not politically, and what we can learn from them for our own commitment in our own social and politic work. For many of us, the great issues that appear to be left open by our beliefs.

Paul's Cathedral (

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There' s also an exposition about the cathedral, before, during and after the great fire of London. A multilingual guide and / or a guided visit by one of our expert guide who will tell you everything about the cathedral's past, present, architecture and everyday work.

Large handbags, large backpacks or large cases may not be taken to St. Paul's Cathedral. Please see Vis London for a check-in of baggage at railway and airport. Closest railway to the cathedral is London Liverpool Street. Both the Dean and the chapters retain the right to browse each purse before believers and attendees can access St. Paul's Cathedral.

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