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Just mentioning her name is oddly convincing and makes you think of all kinds of breathtaking pictures. Because here, at 1,856 meters above sealevel, in the middle of the breathtaking Upper Engadine Lake Land, the term snow holiday was coined and the Olympic Games took place twice.

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St. Moritz (also German: Sankt Moritz, Romanisch: To San Murezzan (help info), Italian: San Maurizio, French: Saint-Moritz ) is a high-alpine health spa in the Engadine in Switzerland, at an altitude of around 1,800 meters above sealevel. St. Moritz is situated on the south-facing Albula cableways below Piz Nair (3,056 m) with a view of the shallow and broad glacier valleys of the Upper Engadine and the homonymous lake:

Ley da San Murezzan (Romansh for Lake St. Moritz). Here the Olympic Winter Games took place in 1928 and 1948. St. Moritz railway. Bronze Age motifs, scabbards and pins at the foot of the sources in St. Moritz indicate that the Celts had already located them.

St. Moritz was first documented around 1137-39 as ad santum Mauricium. It was in the sixteenth and sixteenth centuries that the first scholarly papers on St. Moritz Minerals were published. Paracelsus, the great naturopath, lived some years in St. Moritz in 1535. St. Moritz was the host of the Olympic Winter Games in 1928, the arena still exists today and again in 1948.

Since 1969 over 20 FIBT World Championships, three FIS Alpine Ski World Championships (1934/1974/2003) and over 40 Engadine ski marathons have been held here. There have also been many other venues since then, among them some unlikely ones on the icy lakes in the 1970' and 1980' years such as a Golf tourney, (1979), a Pole tourney (every year in February from 1985) and the Cricket (1989).

St. Moritz was also the location of many sailing and windsurfing world championships. St. Moritz has also been sponsored since the early 80s and is known as the Top of the World. The village is composed of the St. Moritz-Dorf housing estates (elev. St. Moritz has been a ski area since the nineteenth cenury.

Oxford and Cambridge pupils went there to compete against each other; the forerunner of the recurrent Ice Hockey Varsity Match was a 1885 St. Moritz Bandy Game. St. Moritz was the hosting town of the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics, one of three towns that hosted Innsbruck, Austria and Lake Placid in the USA twice.

The FIS Alpine Ski Championships 1934, 1974, 2003 and 2017 also took place there. St. Moritz is very much loved in the summers as an alpine sports centre for endurance sportsmen, especially bikers, skiers and hikers. It' s attractiveness lies in the height, the climate, the world famous athletic tracks and the accessibility of tracks and tracks in the region.

Bobsleigh was the venue of a number of international competitions and was used at both Olympic Winter Games. During the early 1930', some members of the bobsleigh clubs began to take visitors to cab trips; today they ride slightly altered raceobs. Besides the above mentioned sport St. Moritz is also known as a sailingtarget.

Here the yearly St. Moritz Match Race takes place on the St. Moritz See. St. Moritz Match Race is part of the prestige 3 continent Racing Tour. A gladiatoric fight of nerves and skills on the waters of St. Moritz attracts the world's best sailors.

The points collected will be credited to the World Match Racing Tour and a place in the finals, with the overall champion receiving the ISAF World Match Racing Tour Champion award. Matchrace is an perfect sports for St. Moritz viewers. The race in the immediate vicinity (approx. 15 m) of Lake St. Moritz offers the public an outstanding centrepiece of observation of action.

Due to its favourable position, St. Moritz can enjoy more than 300 sunny summer evenings a year. The White Turf equestrian event takes place here every season on the St. Moritz Lake with the top classes from all over the world. Piz Corvatsch, 3,300 metres high, with its icecave and its 8 km long ski run down to St. Moritz-Bad.

It has a sub-arctic climatic just above alpine/polar due to its altitude with chilly, moderate snowfall in winter and chilly, dry summer. St. Moritz is a local business centre and a touristic town. The majority of the populace (as of 2000[update]) speak German (58.8%), with Italy in second place (21.8%) and Portugal in third place (6.6%).

14 ] Initially, the whole populace used the Upper Engadine Romance vernacular of Puter. As a result of increased trading with the outside worlds, Romanesque use began to fall. Twenty-two percent of us were Romansh native speakers. The Romansh word was losing soil to the Germans and the Italians. By 1900, 31% of the inhabitants were speaking Italians as their mother tongue, and by 1910 it was about the same.

Over the following years, the proportion of Romance and Italien voice talents declined compared to those in Germanspeaking countries. Only 20% in 1941 and 8% in 1970 were Romansh-speaking. Only 13% of the St. Moritz inhabitants even knew Romansh in 2000. St. Moritz trainstation is located in the center of the city, near the banks and at the foot of the Via Serlas.

Glacier Express and Bernina Express stop in St. Moritz. There is a cable railway from St. Moritz to Corviglia connecting St. Moritz with the top and the Corviglia skiing area. Skiscenes from James Bond films The Spy Who Love Me and A Look to a Kill were shot in St. Moritz, although they were assigned to other places in Dialog.

Ian Fleming's novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the bad guy Blofeld uses Piz Gloria, a hilltop complex in a resorts near St. Moritz, as his starting point. "of a Eurojetsetter flying to St. Moritz. Brother Clears reef an 1960' World of Sports adventure that featured races on a lake of St. Moritz that had been ice covered.

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