St Luke Island Myanmar

St. Luke Island Myanmar

St. Luke Snorkeling Day Tour is very beautiful with corals, coral fish and green water. Andaman Club is located on the island of Zadakale (St. Luke). Thahtay Kyun Island Myanmar Andaman Club Resort.

Tourist make their way to the Myanmar Isles as Thailand's cliffs recede.

The bleach around the Andaman Sea isles of Thailand has led to a dip in tourist activity. A lot of overseas scuba diver have come to St. Luke Island in Myanmar lately. "They have turned away from Thailand because of the bleach at important dive sites on our side," reports a well at A-One Dove Co Ltd.

A number of targets are in Thai territorial waters, others in Myanmar. "St. Luke Island of Myanmar is now world-famous," said the same well. According to the sources, St. Luke Island has not yet experienced a major booming period, as Myanmar is still a country with complex immigration processes and stringent rules.

Every journey to the island lasts at least seven nights and the Myanmar boat trips are not very comfy. "Nevertheless, the number of visitors to St. Luke Island has increased by more than 30 percent year-on-year. Said if Thai sea corals continue to bleach, more and more people are likely to travel to Myanmar.

Somchai Ouitekkeng, chairman of the Ranong Tourism Association, said that St. Luke Island in the south of Myanmar is a favourite with Asians and Europeans. "We have the capacity to become a gate to several hundred island communities in the south of Myanmar," Somchai said. Aside from St. Luke, the Mergui Isles are nice and have more attractions.

Said if the project was a success, it would be possible to send groups of Myanmar travellers to Thailand. Chang-Island, near the Myanmar-Thai frontier, is only 30 kilometers from Ranong. It' a well-known Thai side tourist destination. "We can continue to support Chang Island while at the same time preserving its good environment," Somchai said.

Phoket Ranong St.luke Island

Phu-Thara Restaurant" with the luxuriant vegetation near the running flow of thermal springs. At 8.00 a.m. start of the trip by ferry to Myanmar to see the city of Ko Song (Kawthoung). Arrival at Ranong Piers, where every day we land and auction some of the sea bass.

Then, you will see the landscape of the lovely estuary that separates Thailand and Myanmar, walk through the gate to the Andaman Ocean. You can venerate the sculpture of the Kum-in-Goddess (Chinese deity of wealth ), which is on the drake enthrone on the island of Saranee (Ghost Island). You can see the large lying Buddha on a nice mound when you step on Kawthaung.

Checking in at Myanmar Immigration. 8.30At the starting point of Kawthaung- Myo Ma Jetty and trip to St. Luke Island by day-trip boat. The Mergui Archipelago is home to 800 islets. 11.00 Arrival on St. Luke Island. Unwind on the shore and lunches will be catered for. 15.30 Arrival in Kawthaung.

Drive to Scott Markt - a Burma community fair to see the way of living and select and buy memorabilia from locals such as gemstones, wicker, shell and ivorian lacquered goods and ornament. Following breakfasts at the lodge, check-out and transfers to Phuket. Lunch at Phuket and departure from the Patong Beaches hote.

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