Sri Lankan Culture

Culture of Sri Lanka

Explore Sri Lanka's culture and traditions through the country's gastronomy and a visit to the sacred Buddhist temples. The Buddhism has had the strongest influence on Sri Lanka's diverse cultural heritage. The cultural landscape of Sri Lanka is marked by thousands of years of religious influences, global trade and the legacy of colonial rule. His culture sets Sri Lanka apart from other destinations; there are many incredible things to learn in this diverse paradise.

Discover the Buddhist heritage of Sri Lanka and the fascinating ancient history of the island with the offer of Red Dot in the cultural triangle.

Cultural Affairs Department

Preparing and implementing programs to preserve, disseminate and expand the arts and culture while preserving Sri Lankan identity. Supporting the ministers responsible for culture in the effective and prolific execution of Ministry of Culture initiatives. Conducting enriching and nourishing Sri Lankan literature by offering the necessary financial support to writers and artists in accordance with the Department of Culture's proposed programs and programs and the publishing of dictionaries, encyclopedias and Mahavamsa along with other literature of great aura.

Accelerate measures to enhance Sri Lankan culture in line with the Department of Culture's projects and programs for the dissemination and conservation of arts and crafts. Supporting and assisting artists and authors in the production of literature and publishing it.

Composition of the Sinhala encyclopedia and its print. Composition and printing of Mahavamsa. Implementation of programs to enhance Sri Lankan literature. The following programs and programs are running to improve culture in Sri Lanka and to fulfil the above-mentioned missions.

On the pretext of the definitive composition of the Sinhala/English Dictionary, the 27th edition of the Sinhala/English Dictionary will be published after print and a part of the Sinhala-English 28. Briefe zu 29 und 30 vol. are reviewed and 50% of the investigations and revisions are concluded. 1,000 new epistles were launched for the computerisation of forthcoming issues.

Issues 28, 29, 30 are ready for publication. Lack of covers for the other books to be supplemented and completion of the Sinhala-English dictionary. For 2010 it is scheduled to publish the twenty-eighth edition of the Sinhala-English dictionary after it has been printed and the twenty-ninth edition will also be published.

The third proofreading is now complete with the aim of relaunching the fifth issue after it has been printed and overhauled. To enter new words for the inbound quantity - 400 entries were added after proofreading. The sixth book of Sinhala-Singhalese is to be prepared for print in 2010 and, after much eagerness to read and revise, new works will be collected for other books.

The Sinhala dictionary is to be short and succinct and published in two parts. Linha-Sinhala Dictionary, 2. book for printout after proofreading. The first copy is already being sent to print - while proofreading is in progress - with the aim of bringing the Sinhala Tamil-English dictionary to market in all three of them.

In the second part of the book, the rest of the words - to show the Tamil significance of the words - were computerised 600 characters, completing their significance and characters of relevance to the second part - characters over 1500 in all three of them. There are plans to computerize the chapters of the 2nd book and transfer them to a CD and to study the Tamil significance in the chapters of the 3rd part.

To complete brief comments in the children's dictionary - over 3500 new words have been added here after avoiding the read and placing them in alphabetic order for a proper credential. The group will take part in the State Festival and represents Sri Lanka abroad for culture programs.

It is administered for the sales department's publication and is located at the John de Silva Memorial Theatre. Anusha Gokula FernandoDirector, Cultural Department, 8th floor, "Sethsiripaya", Battaramulla,

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