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The physical environment is very diverse, making Sri Lanka one of the most scenic countries in the world. A collection of detailed maps of Sri Lanka. Military, political, administrative, road, relief, physical, topographical, travel and other maps of Sri Lanka. SRILANKA is an island in the Indian Ocean in southern India. Situation of Sri Lanka on the world map.

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Sri Lanka, often called the Teardrop of India, was first settled in the Indian Ocean's emerging sea in 543 BC by the Sinhala people of the North. There were 181 monarchs in all during the Anuradhapura and the Kandyiod.

Sri Lanka underwent a great change during the rule of Devanampiya Tissa in 250 BC with the advent of Buddhism. Today it is the oldest man-grown forest in the world. The pinnacle of Sri Lanka's rule came in the twelfth centuries under the rule of Parakramabahu the Great. Besides the thousand of dams he had constructed, Parakramabahu's biggest building was the Parakrama Samudra - the biggest watering system in mediaeval Sri Lanka.

It began to be weakened after the demise of Parakramabahu. When in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries the influence of Europe became widespread throughout South Asia, Sri Lanka was finally defeated by the Portugese and later, in the seventeenth centuries, by the people. UK domination heralded the beginning of Sri Lanka's early days, when a utility and liberals policy system was established and the coffeemaking industries became the main exporters.

In 1847, declining coffeeprices struck Sri Lanka badly, and a widespread economic crisis swept through the state. In a sluggish economic climate, the US authorities urged the introduction of a range of taxation measures to offset the cut. Bitterly about the new taxation system, the local people revolted against the British regime and forced the British to find a substitute exporter in teaproduct.

Known for a long time as Ceylon and a favourite destination, the nation proclaimed in 1948 its sovereignty and changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972. In the following few years, the unrest in Sri Lanka seemed tribal when tension between the Sinhala and Tamil majorities eventually broke out into a 1983 conflict.

It is tragic that Sri Lanka was ravaged by the devastating devastation caused by the December 26, 2004 cataclysm. Today, this exotic country is back on the world' s travel ers' radar screen, as Sri Lanka is developing into one of the world' s fastest-growing economy and is experiencing a major return, especially in the tourist sector.

Who are the Sri Lankan people? Which kind of government does Sri Lanka have?

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