Sri Lanka Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Myanmar Citizen Sri Lanka Visa

The diplomatic missions of Sri Lanka are authorised to issue an entry visa which is valid for a maximum period of three months. Before travelling to Sri Lanka, you should apply to your Electronic Travel Authority. Modification pages on the back of the passport are not suitable for Myanmar visas. Burma Visa Application Form: Aboriginal visas are available from the Australian government at a lower price or free of charge if you apply directly.

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Please note: The free base is only valid for diplomat and holder of formal passports. Ambassadors with passports should not request the Tourist/Business ETA for their formal visit or for formal missions in Sri Lanka Please be aware that under no circumstance can the Tourist/Business ETA be changed into a residencevisas.

Holder of diplomatic and service passports from the following states are exempt from the ETA handling charge and the ETA procedure for their formal and personal attendance in Sri Lanka. ETA passports are free of charge. Visitor visas are granted on entry into Sri Lank for those countries' passports.

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BONAFIDEFIDE visitors from 77 counties on the "A" list of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka are allowed to enter Sri Lanka without a visitor's permit. You will be provided with landing endorsements for a 30-day period at the point of arrival without paying visas for it.

Citizens of other states should have a legal entry permit for Sri Lanka, even if they are bona fide tourist. Anyone wishing to travel to Sri Lanka for any purpose other than for tourist travel, as well as List A citizens, should first obtain a visitor's permit from the Sri Lanka Mission in their own jurisdiction or the closest Sri Lanka Mission, which is simultaneously registered in their nation.

In the absence of an Sri Lankan mission registered in their own countries, they can obtain an entrance permit on arriving at the point of immigration, provided that the person responsible for immigration and emigration has obtained the necessary permits. As of November 1, 2006, all visitors who receive a 30-day lander's permit upon arriving must depart Sri Lanka at the end of the agreed time.

In addition, BONAFIDEFIDE travellers from List A country wishing to stay in Sri Lanka for more than 30 nights should apply for a visa to do so. The embassies of Sri Lanka are authorized to grant an entrance visa, which is issued for a limited term of up to three month. Visits could be renewed for another three month in the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Anyone intending to obtain a residency permit should either themselves or through their own sponsors approach the Department of Immigration and Emigration to obtain a pre-approved permit before arriving in Sri Lanka. In such cases, the regular fees for travel through Sri Lanka will be charged.

In the case of commercial visa applications, a written statement from the applicant's company stating the reason for the trip to Sri Lanka and a sponsored/invited commercial visa application to Sri Lanka together with other necessary document. As a rule, multiple-entry visa applications for Sri Lanka are made out to real investment and businesspersons and not to tourist and other visitor groups.

Multi-stay visa with a validity of up to 12 month are granted by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo or Sri Lanka Missions abroad with permission of the Department of Immigration and Emigration. It is important to remember that the visa will not change in any way after arriving in Sri Lanka (i.e. visitors' visa will not be transformed into residence/work visas).

When changes are necessary, these candidates must first vacate the host countries and then request a new one at the closest Sri Lanka mission abroad. Visumantrag duly completed and duly countersigned request forms. The fee for the visas must be payed upon filing the request, either at the post office or via postal giro or bank giro.

You can call the Embassy at 0046 8 6636523/25. It is recommended that the applicant submits his request at least one months before the planned trip. a. All non-Sri Lankan nationals traveling to the North must obtain the Ministry of Defence's permission in advance. b. Applications must be addressed directly to the Ministry of Defence with the following information:

An Sri Lankan facsimile number must also be provided in order to obtain approval. Preliminary visits must be applied for by journalists/media representatives wishing to travel to Sri Lanka. As well as the questionnaire, they must provide a full listing of the equipment they wish to take with them to Sri Lanka on the mandatory paper.

It is recommended that reporters obtain a visa in good time, as the embassy needs the permission of the local authority in Kolombo to grant it. Upon arriving in Sri Lanka, they must also call the Public Communications Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic Building, Collombo 1 Tel (+94) 011 5339287/5361952/2437633 to obtain their accreditation from the Department of Information.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend accreditation for journalists entering Sri Lanka on a touristic visa or for those who receive their visa upon entry. Sri Lankan travel agents who visit Sri Lanka to make documentary films for tourists or introductory trips by the Sri Lanka Touristic Board (SLTB) are needed to complete the SLTB journalist/TV travel crew selection criteria for acclimatisation trips.

It will take the Sri Lanka Tourist Board at least 30 working day to process the appropriate documentation before the planned start of the work. They should also have a groundhandling crew to coordinate the Sri Lankan operation. Candidates who come to Sri Lanka to make original features and features must fill out the National Movie Corporation Agreement and send it along with the summary of the original Sri Lanka features and documentation, the Sri Lanka travel route and the location of the shoot.

As the State Department requires at least seven (07) working day to obtain National Film Corporation approval, it is recommended that these press crews provide the necessary documentation to this consulate in good time for the planned outing.

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