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Myanmar Citizen Sri Lanka Visa

Sri Lanka has many requirements to apply for a visa to Myanmar. Under these conditions, you must have a valid Sri Lankan passport that does not expire at least six months after your arrival in Myanmar. Burmese visa requirements for citizens of Sri Lanka. Thai visa service for Sri Lankan citizens residing in the United Kingdom. These are countries that you can easily enter with your Lankan passport.

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Do I need an entrance visa to Sri Lanka? With the exception of Singapore and the Maldives, all foreigners need a visa or an electronic travel authority to travel to Sri Lanka. Is it possible to get the visa upon your stay? Yes, although it is wise to agree this in advanced. When you arrive in Sri Lanka by plane, you can reach your electronic travel agent before your flight with the easy-to-use on-line visa services (see below).

As an alternative, most nationals can obtain their visas upon arriving at Colombo Airport. How do I apply for a visa? Electronic Online Travel Authority Service: $35 (USD) via bank or direct debit cards. Arriving at Colombo Airport: $40 in good shape to pay US dollar bills and a recent photograph with a good picture, free for under-12s.

This is a simple entrance visa that allows you to enter Sri Lanka 30 nights from the date of your planned arrival. Electronic tour operator explains: Before traveling to Sri Lanka, you should submit an application to your Electronic Tourism Authority. Visas are issued for three month from the date of issuance and for a period not exceeding 30 day.

It is easy to use and eliminates the need to queue at the airfield after a long one.

E-Travel Authorization - Embassy of Sri Lanka Myanmar

From 1 January 2012 all holiday or business travellers to Sri Lanka must have an electronic travel authorisation (ETA) for travel to Sri Lanka. For more information, please see lk. Therefore, always make sure that you make payment by access to Sri Lanka ETA website and avoiding making repayments at the harbor of entrance to Sri Lanka.

Who is a Sri Lankan visa? Sri Lankan visas are endorsements on passports or similar documents to help non- Sri Lankans enter the Philippines legally and to determine the length of their residence and the terms of such a sojourn. Which types of visas are available in Sri Lanka?

Four types of visa allow a visa holder to travel and/or reside in Sri Lanka. Visiting visa is an immigration visa, which means the Sri Lankan government's approval of the foreigner's entering the state. This visa contains information on the duration and conditions of the residence.

Tourist visas are available for those who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for visits, trips, relaxation, family visits or a brief workout in the area. Foreigners visiting Sri Lanka for a brief stay for commercial reasons are granted a commercial visa. The visa can be granted for one, two or more trips.

that want to inject money into Sri Lanka. doing day-to-day operations in Sri Lanka. Transit visa is an immigration visa issued to a foreigner for a short term of time, randomly and during the trip to another city.

Anyone who can be exempted from the visa requirement? Double Sri Lanka citizen. Childrens whose childbirth was recorded according to 5 par. 2 of the Citizenship Act - 1948 up to the year of 21 years. Sriland-born children under 18 years of age. Which are the general admission conditions for Sri Lanka's visas?

We are convinced that Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration is for you. Celibate & Emigration authorizes the purposes for which you are going to travel to Sri Lanka. If you have a pass that is issued at least six month after your arrival in Sri Lanka.

You have sufficient means to support yourself during your stay in Sri Lanka and to pay for your trip back to the countries that granted your pass. If you are in receipt of a visitor visa, you are in receipt of a printed confirmation (ticket) to your home state or a visa to the nearest sender.

General requirements for a visitor visa? During your sojourn in Sri Lanka, you should not pursue a job, an occupation, an unpaid job or any other activity other than that mentioned in the visa. You visa must be used before the expiration date indicated on the visa.

Your visa is valid only if you enter Sri Lanka during the specified time of arrival. Requests for renewal of all visa forms should be addressed to the Immigration and Emigration Department.

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