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Download Sri Lanka maps and royalty-free images from iStock. The Pegasus Reef beach near Colombo, Sri Lanka - Branimir Minkov. Maps of Sri Lanka Gazetteer. Full list of Google satellite map locations in Sri Lanka. First sri lanka map stock photos.

Map of Sri Lanka and satellite pictures

Celibate countries: Where' s Sri Lanka? Information about Sri Lanka: Srilanka lies in South Asia. Sril Lanka is an isle bounded to the western side by the Gulf of Mannar, to the eastern side by the Gulf of Bengal and to the northwestern side by Palk Bay. Discover Sri Lanka with Google Earth:

GodoGoogle Earth is a free application from Google that lets you discover satellites of Sri Lankan and Asian towns and countryside in amazing detail. In many areas the pictures are so detailled that you can see homes, cars and even humans on a urban road.

GooglEarth is free and user-friendly. SRILANKA on a world map: SRILANKA is one of nearly 200 counties shown on our Blaue Océ Laminated Map of the World. These include national borders, large towns, large mountains in shadowed reliefs, sea levels in shades of blues and many other characteristics.

It is a great map for college and high school and office use, and wherever a beautiful map of the globe is needed for educational, exhibition or decorative purposes. SRILANKA On a large map of Asia: For those interested in Sri Lanka and Asian geographics, our large laminate map of Asia might be just right for you.

It' a great Asian map of politics that also shows many of the continent's natural characteristics in colour or shadowed emboss. Important seas, streams, cities, streets, land borders, coasts and nearby isles are shown on the map. Srilanka towns: Srilanka locations: Natural Ressources in Sri Lanka: The natural resource of Sri Lanka includes such minerals as grayite, precious stones, lime, sand and earth.

Further naturopathic ressources of the land are phosphate and water power. Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka Dangers: There are several types of wildlife in Sri Lanka, including an incidental twister and a hurricane. The Sri Lanka environment: Sri Lanka has a number of ecological problems. Fresh water sources are contaminated by rubbish management, wastewater discharge and industry rubbish.

The images are not available for use outside our web sites. It is a satelite map created with Landsat information from NASA and is based on information licenced and copyrighted by Map Resources © 2008.

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