Sri Kshetra

Yangtze River

notation Log in / Registration is a prerequisite for room reservation. If a pilgrim wishes to book a room, they must carefully study and agree to all the above mentioned rules before book. The on-line room reservation is available to travellers 20 nights before the date of arrival. Reservations must be made at least 2 working nights before arrival.

Pilgrims can reserve a max. of two rooms at the same theater. Devotees can only reserve a room for a 24 hour limit if they are booked in at the selected check-in times at the moment of onlinebooking. Arrival is open between 7.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.

When making a reservation, submissive persons can ask to check in in advance. You can only book a room once and you can only make a follow-up reservation thirty nights after the date of the reservation and you cannot extend your book. Pilgrims can make their reservation on the day of arriving by presenting a copy of the print confirmation/SMS only in the reserved area.

It is obligatory to compare the ID cards and posting information with the actual attendance of the device in whose name the posting is made at the check-in desk. Pilgrims are obliged to leave a bail at check-in, which will be reimbursed in the event of any damages.

Cancellations are only possible up to two nights before check-in. Cancellations will be returned 50% of the amount prepaid within 20 working nights from the date of withdrawal. Cancellations cannot be made within 2 working nights after the check-in date.

Spouses can make their reservations with a valid identity card. The guesthouse authorities reserve the right to terminate the reservation without advance notification if the circumstance is out of our reasonable discretion / unforeseeable situation / unlawful activity. Guesthouse administration has the right to modify the general business condition from times to times without advance notification.

Pets are not permitted.

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