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Scottish Mist Definition: ? the former name for Australian Mist | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. You are here " Consultation " Cat breeds " Spotted Mist (Australian Fog). Spotted & marbled Brown, Peach & Lilac Australian dung kittens for sale. Australian Fog Cat is a cat with strong roots in Australia.

We' re following the emergence of a new breed of spotted cats.


This adorable Australia crap, formerly known as Scottish crap, is proud to bear the label'Made In Australia'. The native Ausie cats have developed from a predominantly Myanmar backdrop, with a mixture of native Abyssinians and shorthaired cats. The foggy backgrounds of the foggy colors that highlight their soft but striking patches range from soft browns to blues, chocolates to lilacs and golden to peaches.

Self-confident, smart and self-confident, these kittens know exactly what they want out of their lives - and how to get it! An easy -care race that needs only a few moments of manicure twice a weeks. Aussie manure is susceptible to gum disease, so it is important to keep up your oral health.

Doing so may involve good eating good dried foods or oral nutrition (along with eating fine food), chewing your mouth or even brush your mouth if you allow it! It is a good practice to undergo frequent visits to the dentist, as they may also involve tooth cleaning (decalcification and polishing under general anesthesia). All information courtesy of Petnet, our race selector system of the race of choice.

Aussie Fog Cat - Burke's Backyard

  • That' that''Australian shit'' is for you. The very loving kitten has been specially raised to keep the kids entertained and to keep the local game. Patterns consist of deeper patches on a lighter,'fogged' back. It is the color of the spot that defines the color of the feline, as the color of the backgrounds is always cream, fungal and very understated.

In recent years kitties have emerged that show a variation of the classical tobacco design. Marbled fog does not differ from Spot Nebula in color, character, head color or temper. Only difference is that the stains on the side are substituted by symmetrical stains of the deepest color, which are punctuated with brighter color stains, all of which appear on a light color backdrop.

Mottled mists also have "spotted bellies". There are no particular medical issues, but as with other light colored females, they are more susceptible to allergy and cancer than those with pigment. Except for one, there seem to have been very few problems: some Australian nebulae have shown a trend towards allergic reactions to peaches.

The Australian fog is considered particularly loving and soft. So far our experiences show that Australian Mists are on board an old Australian Mists of 12 years on board. No obvious cultivation problem. Kittens range in price from $360 for a castrated males to about $390 for a fully inoculated, fully enrolled 12-week old femal.

The price can slightly differ between the speckled and mottled variant of Aussie dung. Australia manure (formerly known as spottted manure) is the only kitten race that comes entirely from Australia. 1977 Dr. Truda Straede created the Stain Nebula from the House and Burmese - from whom the staining (a variation of the Tabby pattern) was obtained - and the Abyssinian, who provided the ticket for the fur back.

You must have the ticket to reinforce the dots. 1987 the RAS Cat Control approved the Scottish manure and fully recorded it. Australia's fog is now recognized in all states. Currently there are no fog growers in Queensland, the ACT or the Northern Territory. Approximately 50 kittens and 200 Aussie Mists were not part of the 1988 cattery.

There are about 100 kittens and 1500 domestic animals in Australia today. Australia Fog Cat Fanciers Association Inc.

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