Spotted Mist

Stained mist

Australian manure (formerly known as spotted manure) is a cat breed developed in Australia. You are here " Consultation " Cat breeds " Spotted Mist (Australian Fog). Australian crap is a cat breed also known as spotted crap. Australian fog cat breed has been recognized by the World Cat Federation for championships. Australian Mist is a shorthaired cat with spotted fur.


Aussie foggies. Unfortunately not all houses are suited for an Aussie fog. It is not always possible to accommodate an Aussie crap cat in the best possible way. That doesn't mean this house will never have an aussie fog. It is sometimes a shift in circumstance or a later date that makes this house perfect for an Aussie fog.

The kitties are tested for their ability to fit the houses we have on our waitinglist. It' important to us that the kitty we place with our kitty purchasers is lucky in the home we have selected. It' also important to us that the Megellna cat makes your home a home of happiness by making sure you have the necessary information to maintain your relationships with your fog gynaecologist: All Megellna catkins go with x2 vaccination, x2 deworming, x2, Desexed, Microchipped, Pedigree Registered with ANCATS Inc,

Kite-Pack and my extensive Kitten Care Guide with lifelong care for you and your valuable new one.

Aussie Mist Breeders Australia | Aussie Mist Info & Kitties

Australia's crap (formerly known as spottted crap) is a kitten race that has been evolved in Australia. They' re ideal companion animals for kids of all age groups, even very young ones, as they are forgiving and not prone to scratching. They are vivacious as cats, but when they are mature they are down-to-earth.

Australia's fog thrives on humans and makes them glad to stay in or be domestic animals between twilight and daybreak, an benefit as most humans like to keep their domestic animals in. A few fog can be exercised for a walk on a leash. Sterilized cat and kitten are a good match for all types of kitten.

Photographs by kind permission of Truda Straede - TRUDA'S Australia MIST & MAINE COONS. Review our kitten offers for purchase here and click on the breeder link below to go to their profiles page. Alternatively, you can click here to look for licensed Aussie fog-growers.

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