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View the Mizzima Sport News Facebook statistics in Myanmar, such as the number of fans, engagement rate and distribution of fans by country. Myanmar will be an emerging market in the long term with the greatest interest in football and sport. With the Myanmar National League, Eleven Sports has signed a nine-year contract on global rights. U.K.

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Sport World: Home game in Myanmar in AFC Cup, Sport News & Top Stories

Home United defeated Myanmar defender and current Myanmar champion Jadanarbon 1-0 in the opening game of AFC Cup Group H last evening. In Hanoi on March 8, the other Than Quang Ninh side will face off against the group, with only the group leaders guaranteeing a place in the semi-finals of the ASEAN area.

17-year-old Cheyenne Goh reached 1:46.560 minutes in the quarter-finals of the 1000-metre events at the Asian Winter Games (AWG) in Sapporo last night. The 29-year-old Lucas Ng scored 1:34.332 points in the men's race and did not make it past the races. The last of the AWG ice hockey contest was held on the last two days before.

Guang-zhou Hou - Chan Yuen Ting - the first female trainer to have led a men's side in a continent soccer tournament - had the hardest christening in the AFC Champions League (ACL) last evening when their Hong Kong Eastern side were beaten 7-0 by world champion Luiz Felipe Scolari's Kangzhou Evergrande.

MANOI - A Vietnam goal keeper was suspended for two years for an exceptional mannequin-style strike when his side came to a halt and allowed three belated gates to appeal a controversial punishment against Ho Chi Minh City in a domestic outing. Lang A goal keeper Nguyen Minh Nhut and defense attorney Huynh Quang Thanh both got a two-year ban, while the trainer and the team's president were suspended for three years, the Vietnam Football Federation said on its website.

Fifth Japan striker Alexandr Dolgopolov, who was drugged by Ukraine in the Argentina Open finals two nights ago, dropped the game in 79s.

New Eleven Sports in Myanmar

The sports channel Eleven Sports will start a tour of duty in Myanmar next year, after having secured the exclusivity for the German Soccer Bundesliga. Under the name My Sports, the new system will distribute all 132 games of the Myanmar NHL (MNL) on a new OTT platform and via satellites by the end of 2027.

I provide my sport reporting with livecommentaries, analyses and discussions. It also produces and distributes highlight shows and week-long magazines as well as the involvement of supporters on the Internet and in corporate communications. Included in the licensing terms are the living- and exclusivity of General Aung San Shield - the most important local trophy contest in Myanmar.

Roadshow matches are still broadcast two matches a game per game per weeks on Myanmar's biggest free-to-air television station, MRTV, and My Sports said that it plans to make these matches available on other FTAs. He said his services will strive for the broadest possible dissemination on free and paid-as well as through telecom operators to provide maximum accessibility for Myanmar soccer supporters to their home leagues.

"Myanmar is our forth new store this year and our 11th overall, which is fully in line with our great worldwide ambition. My Sports is a new label that is not used in any other markets to meet the needs of Myanmar's sport fans," said Danny Menken, Group Executive Vice President, Elevenports.

Launching in Myanmar follows the recent accession of Eleven in the UK, Ireland and most recently Portugal. On the latter end of the league, the TV station has this weekend added the Bundesliga Germany, the 2019-20 Supercup Germany - the Scottish Ladbrokes Premiership, the Jupiler Pro League Belgium, the Supercup Belgium and the Arsenal Football League - from 2018-19 - to an established line-up that will include the Spanish La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and the French Ligue 1.

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