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Plain; post, capsule Sponta- Plain. Adventure for you, made by humans like you. A new adventure with old buddies? An old experience with new boyfriends?

This is for the rabbits and miners who love the cooler climate for their adventure. On the ocean, under the ocean, on swells or on the waters, these spontas are there for you. There is room for like-minded individuals to find each other and exchange astonishing experience.

Teach someone to browse as a guest, ride a kite board with a new group of great guys or just take a ride on a roadside tour. That'?s what Sponta is all about. We are currently in and around Sydney working to get you spontaneously all over Australia (and beyond!), tell us where you are and we'll tell you when we'll be there:

You are already a Sponta member? Fill in the e-mail associated with your profile and we will send you a shortcut to recover your passwords by e-mail.


And what kind of quest could you have? Out of the workroom and into the world. With Sponta only a few short months to go, we are looking for inspirational executives who are passionate about their work. Do you prefer to live a full-lived, outdoor lifestyle and inspire others to do the same?

With Sponta you have the liberty to be your own chef and your own source of revenue. Get together with funny folks from all over the globe and show them how astonishing their lives can be - these pictures show Spontas co-founder and adventurous guardian Daniel Myers. As he says: "After walking over 15 adventures, I wonder why it took so long for it to be over.

When you have an ability you think fits Sponta, enumerate it below or select someone who has it, and we will help you realize it.

Imagine yourself (possible co-founders) and your start-up?

For snowboarders, you can go to Sponta and make bookings with a group of snowboarders who are already on these tours. Sponta's missions are to unite minds through her obsession for adventures and to take back powers to business professionals. Where did you get the concept of MVP and its market introduction?

We' ve gone through the construction and engineering of the offshoring and then put everything back ashore. But after several feedbacks Sponta has made the big jump in the last 2 month and is now prepared for the first time. Each businessman is faced with this in their start-up lives, it is difficult to have a finished products that is not imperfect, we as businessmen have to struggle for our inner self.

Test feedbacks have become quicker and quicker - Sponta has become more responsive. We are getting more and more affirmative test client feedbacks. The second-largest error we made was not the management of the engineering firm to which we transferred our work. I had to intervene at this point and begin with the micro-management of the work.

A long time in developing it became clear that an innovative start-up will not work well with the way our present developers work, and that we need new ideas and approaches. It didn't take us long to find an nimble designer who has worked with start-ups and understood a brief test feed-back modification cycle.

It was the best find we had that allowed us to accelerate the evolution of the plattform and complete it in half a MVP state. Sponta completes the tests with the new developers on boards and is able to go through test feed-back modification cycles within a matter of a few hrs where it would take years before.

What is one thing you can look back on during this trip to set up and get your start-up off to a successful start? What are you looking back on? We take a step forward in trust and trust our new developers with MVP, rapid test implementation modification cycles. The greatest challenges and the best choice for technology start-ups is to find the right developers who understand what you want to accomplish and have worked with quick start-ups.

What do you want to do in the next 3, 6, 12 month? We want to start expanding around Sydney in 6 month, we want to start the Sponta application formally (just in off season).

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