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Besides the purer end links there are mixed garnets like Malaia (or Malaya, a pyrope spessartite) and Grandit (a coarse-material-Radite mixture). Mandarin garnet is the most precious when it comes to spessartine. Find out everything you need to know about Spessartite Garnet Gemstones. The spessartite or mandarin garnet is one of the finest of all coloured gemstones, with excellent shine and shine. Verified Spessartite Garnet Gems are sold online at wholesale prices.

Spessartite Information and images

Spessartite has an original yellow colour, but usually it contains ferrous contaminants that give it a reddish-orange or brownish-orange colour. It is not usual to use spessartite of a purely original colour; it often has shades of redness, brownish or yellow. It' most desired colour is a flamy pink with light oranges. Sparartite has an extraordinarily high index of refraction and gives polished spessartite gems a particular sheen.

Formerly rare in translucent gemstones, many new depositions of large faceted spessartite crystal with exquisite colour have been found, making this garnet shape more readily available and popular. Mala garnet (or Malaia garnet) was minted to describe this new type of garnet.

Malayan garnets are not purely spessartites, but mediators between spessartite and pyrope, but in their chemistry nearer to spessartite. The spessartite is becoming popular as a lovely orange-red gem and can be used in all types of jewellery, especially jewellery chains and beads. Malaya Garnet - Synonym for Malaya Garnet.

Mala Garnet - Red-orange shape of the Spessartite Garnet (or better said a blend of Spessartite and Pyrope), which has its origin in the Umba river valley in Tanzania and Kenya. It is sometimes used as a spessartite name. Mandarine-Garnet - Light oranges up to orange-red Spessartite-Garnet, mostly from the Namibia and Mozambique area.

Spessartite Mandarin - Synonym for Mandarin Garnet. Namib Spessartite - Luminous orange-red Spessartite Garnet from Namibia. Mandarin garnet - Lightorange to Orange yellow spessartite garnet, mostly from the Namibia and Mozambique states. The spessartite is not reinforced and its nice colours are always naturally.

Major Spessartite resources are located in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Brazil and the USA (California). The colours of the spessartite, oranges and reds can be similar to zircon, spinel and tourmaline. The spessartite can also remind of topaz and certain redish shapes of heat-treated citrine. Do you have a query about Spessartite?

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