The spessartite is one of the videochromatic gems, i.e. it is not coloured by impurities but by a basic element in its composition. When spessartite is mixed with almandine garnet - the ferrous type of garnet - it tends to have a reddish-orange colour. About Spessartite (also known as Spessartite) Garnet.

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Spessartitic Buyer's Guide - Pala internationale

The name garnet refers to a group of related minerals. Precious stone grenade included: Besides the cleaner end limbs there are blended grenades like Malaia (or Malaysiaa, a Pyrop-Spessartite) and Grandit (a coarse-matter-Radite mixture). Spessartite (aka Spessartin) derives its name from the Spessart in northwestern Bavaria.

The spessartite is videochromatic, i.e. it is coloured by a key component in its colour. This item is mongoose producing an original colour of amber. If you take away the manganese, it' s no longer spessartite. Spessartite has only one base colour - oranges. However, the colour can be slightly changed by blending with irons in the shape of almandin.

Spessartite can be found in three flavours. Some of the lighter and lighter rocks come from Nigeria, Ramona (CA) and the lower reddish-orange rocks also come from Nigeria. In addition, there are the marvellous mandarin-mandarin grenades from Namibia, which are in a league of their own. Spessartite generally looks best under filament lamp lights due to its original colour ranging from yellow to red-orange.

It is always a good practice when purchasing a stone to investigate it under different lights to rule out the possibility of surprise in the near distant past. Sparartites from most wells are relatively pure. This is how eye-clean bricks are desired and possible. Exceptions are the tangerine pessartites from Namibia, which often contain small colourless Tirodit fibres, which give the rocks a oversleep overall picture.

If there are only small quantities, the effect can be very nice by covering up the dying out and making the nice oranges of the mandarin glow all over the face of the gemstone. Spessartite is usually ground similar to other coloured stone, with oval, cushion, trillion and green sections being the most frequent.

Cabochons of the Spessartite are also occasionally seen, especially in the case of the Mandarine Spessartite, which is usually more common in Namibia. As with any gemstone, the price of spessartite depends on its grade. With the onslaught of the Spessartite from Nigeria, the once mainly collector's gemstone entered the world of the jewellery clip.

Nigeria Sparartites usually sell for $100-250/ct. in the smaller, 1-4 ct. area, while bricks from 15-20 ct. can fetch up to $900/ct. at the retailing stage. The price for the uncommon Namibian Mandarine Sparartites is even higher, with smaller items (1-2 ct.) up to $800/ct. and finer pieces over 5 ct.

Pala's biggest delicate tangerine shell was a superb 8-ct. rock at a price of $2400/ct. Whilst the Spessartite of more than 100 ct. are known from Brazil and Madagascar, precious stones of more than 15-20 ct. are uncommon. Delicate gemstones of more than 5 ct. are short for Namibian mandarine shells.

Spessartite has been found in several places around the globe, such as Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the USA (San Diego County, CA and Amelia Court House, VA). The most important of these springs today are Nigeria and the north-east of Namibia, near the Marienfluss.

In contrast to many coloured rocks, the Spessartite is currently not refined by one single technique. Spessartin has never been synthesised, but there are a number of imitation materials, among them stone such as Hessenonite grenade and artificial imitation materials such as fibreglass. KompositionSpessartite Granat has the following composition: ColorsBecause of its videochromatic character, spessartite is always a little bit oranges.

It' the colour is due to the presence of menganese. Spessartite is best treated with hot, soft soap solution.

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