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You can order the delivery online at Speed Queen BBQ in Milwaukee! The news of our excellent BBQ, Secret Sauce and faster service spread quickly and our founder, Betty Gillespie, was called the Speed Queen. Reviews - Speed Queen Bar-B-Q - 42 pictures & 84 reviews - Grill - 1130 W Walnut St, Bronzeville, Milwaukee, WI - Reviews - Telephone number

I' m sure everything is good, but the outside (shoulder if they are out) with mix gravy is all you need to upset with. Dinner was fine. It was a combination of pig shoulders and chicken, and it was nothing out of the ordinary. Those fins were definitely the best. Overall the nutrition is good - I just wish they would at least be offering free toppings and consider getting a credit cardholder.

It' definitely not in a secure neighbourhood, but that doesn't keep me from walking at nights, but then I'm used to the northern side of Milwaukee city. This place has sunk a long way. I know the shoulders has a touch of smoke flavored cooked, serving was almost nothing with 3 slices of 2 slices of wheat loaf on top of the dish and 1 slices had the shoulders on top of it, once I had a small bit of your shoulders there was the slices of wheat loaf nor knows hardly a gravy on it more loaf than shoulders such a dissapell. I should have taken a picture before I selected all about it.

And I like the gravy, too. You can order the outside shoulders, outside. These fins are quite good, but really, the outside is a great stack of the best burned crispy crispy fleshy pieces without bone or grease to cough out. Want some good home-cooked dishes and it was on many Milwaukee list.

A very good amount of meal for the prize. Rips, gratuities, baked coffee and vegetables for under $20. Rips and points were good. I am sad to be on the ever-growing roster of those who have fell in love with Speed Queen after decade-long enjoyment. I still start to water my lips when I think of a soup meal with a blended gravy, but that feeling ends when I actually bite into it.

for a Badger trunk flap bash. While it wasn't too poor and our customers seemed to like it, after more than 30 years of going to the Speed Queen at least 5-6 a year, my husband and I immediately realized that the nutritional qualities did not meet the fabulous standard.

We noticed the loss in qualitiy of the last 2-3 visit, so we don't think Speed Queen had a "bad day". Seems Speed Queen is trying to keep the cost down. During the glorious period when you ordered the shoulders, you usually got well-dimensioned discs and cubes.

It now seems as if the flesh is scrapped from the bottom of the cask - more like waste and more fat, with a texture that looks more like drawn pig flesh than what we have learned to like. You also save significantly on the gravy. In the past I almost needed a showers after I ate at Speed Queen, with all the gravy I droolled about myself.

It now appears that a glenoid cavity has been sprinkled with a small spray. It would have been easy for a whole frying pans to use a whole flask of sauces. I' ve loving but nosy recollections of my schooldays when my folks went to Milwaukee and then stopped by Speed Queen on the way back to Chicago.

But as an adulthood, my recent journey back to Speed Queen cleared most of my early mysticism. But it was the remembrance of the meal that took me back. Gravy and the missing taste of smoked meat were not particularly "wow". Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back at the Speed Queen soon.

BBQ was like liquid, sweetened and acidic with additional salt, spices and wine vinegar. but it didn't exactly compensate for good meals and a tough situation. I like the BBQ, but not the gravy. PIease get out that open pit infused mixture BBQ dressing, it was great for the 80s and 90s, now it's timeto raise it.

The Speed Queen is an MKE-classical. This is one of the few places in Milwaukee where you can have a BBQ. Smoke the fins until they are completely dried and serve the dressing on its own. A bullet-proof glass serves the Q, the dining room seating is like fastfood cabins made of synthetic material. "Outside " are the carbonized, crunchy bits of the outside of a pig scab.

Those fins, I could take them or go. LOVE the Mac and the Cheesy, in which I've added a little sauces. HUB BY adored his rib plate (and will be for several days)! Amazing prizes, good meals, kind personnel! Okay, y'all need to stop with the "neighborhood is sketchy" confusion, just repeating what is important; the nutrition.

I' ve ordered the chops and the shoulders. Everyone was delicate and fumy and I don't care if they pour it over in gravy with sandwiches between them. Tomatoes, pepper, pickled wine and slightly sweetened gravy are more popular, but this is the classic south-east-middlewest one. Also, you don't deserve a barbecue on the basis of the gravy; it's how well the meats have been cured.

Blended green was delicate, slightly spicy and spicy. Used to love corn bread; not sweetened with corn bread, where some corn breads taste like cakes. Oops. best grill place in Milwaukee. I suggest the "Pick 3" with outer shoulders, neckards and macro & cheeses. best barbeque I' m under $10!!!!

Well, I phoned this mornin' to see if they had an outer shoulders. Ashame on you, Speed Queen.

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