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Looking for tempting Spanish restaurants in London? $$$$ Restaurant, Spanish, Tapas, $$$ Whatsapp. Restuarant, Spanish, Bar Tozino. Tapas, Donostia. Restuarant, Spanish, $$$$ José Bar, Spanish, $$$$ Salt Yard.

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Looking for tempting Spanish restaurants in London? You will find the best restaurants of London with genuine food from the Iberian Peninsula, from local specialities to local cuisines. Don't buy this Spanish food for the summers because Aqua Nueva has a roof patio to starve on - you'll think you've come to Andalusia instead of Argyll Street.

Indoors is not quite as atmospherical and the courts are on the costly side (patatas bravas are £7.50), but the setup is attracting some nice folks and the flavors are as punchy as anyone could be hoping for Hispanophiles. The three Barrafina Tappas Bar outlets in London are still very much in demand - London residents have adopted their own genuine Spanish styles.

Our specialities are truly extraordinary, with a carefully selected selection of flawless seasoning, especially shellfish and Spanish sausages. There is a shortlist of Sherrys, Cava and other types of jar red and white and it is just as indispensable as the cuisine. It is ideal for experimentation and nibbling. There is also a menu of wines: about 30 Spanish ones selected by the winelovers of the cafe.

You' re not going to Barrica to get boneless - it's an elegant Goodge Street pub - so order some of the bright tapa to keep things civilized. This new Brixton tapa hinge combines the classic with the contemplative. Our menue features cutting-edge tappas such as gooey eggplant cannnelloni and a parsnut crispy roll of parsnips, which is breathtakingly fresh thanks to a small scoop of lime sorbet that melts into an orange orangesauce.

Hidden in the Regent Quarter you will find the extensive Spanish hot spot Camino. You can choose from a variety of menus - tapes, plates, a degustation meal and, on the weekend, seductive brunch with a Spanish touch. Just like the Barrica snack bar, the tapa-sized meals dare to walk along the well-trodden Tapasweg. Meals like empty pork stews and eggplant stews with tahinis and peppermint show how well the tappas can be used in the kitchen.

You will be invited to drink several small jars (copitas) from a well-informed wine and sherry lists. Don't be deceived by the raw look of this tapa counter in Basel style: Ibérico offers delicious patatas brvas and delicious honey-soaked desserts, delicious desserts such as lean fat fritta, a traditionally dairy-based cakes. It is a seductive, private frame for some fashionable tappas; think of a group of roasted donuts and bold rose steaks of leg of lamb, spiced with a hint of intoxicating mint.

The Ganso draws a wholesome number of Spanish-speaking clients and the country-style aesthetics of the restaurants - facing tiles and Muslim tiles - also suggest classical tappe. The meals are prepared in a way that goes against expectations, even the patata brava at our next door tables have been beaten up in a small pan.

The shellfish are delicious all along the line and we have abandoned the local tappas as if we were sunbathing in the sun. The Pirata is a nice little tappas snack kiosk away from the green bush.

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