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Lost Spanish teenager held by a satanic sect in the Amazon rainforest. An index of Spanish newspapers, PeriĆ³dicos EspaƱoles & News from Spain. A list of Spanish newspapers with current news and events on sport, health, education, politics, economics, work, entertainment and travel. The Spanish hotel cleaners are looking for the help of Tripadvisor to combat exploitation. Here you will find links to Spanish newspapers and news media.

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Spanish newspaper directory for information and the latest sport, entertainment, historical, musical, job, educational, tourist, lifestyle, film, travelling, property and economic information. Explore Spanish papers in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru (and USA).

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Sport magazines, especially those such as Marca, which attach great importance to soccer, draw a large audience in Spain, and some of the most important daily papers in Spain publish local issues in large towns such as Seville and Valencia. There are more than 100 daily papers in Spain, but only a few have a print run of over 100,000 copies.

The majority are in Spanish, although the Catalans can write the messages in Catalan and the Basques in Basque. Recent numbers show that the overall turnover of the dailies is around 4.2 million euros, after a slight decline in recent years. Spain has large disparities between the different areas. The awarding of free magazines at train stops and on the town' s roads is a great challange for conventional magazines.

According to the 2005 World Association of Newspapers, free newspaper circulation accounts for 51% of the Spanish population. There are a number of local and multinational issues. Established in 1903, ABC became a newspaper in 1905 and sees itself as the dean of Madrid newspaper. El Mundo, the latest of Madrid's three large tabloid newspapers, has established itself as a favourite choice for El Pais and ABC.

Today it is probably the most self-sufficient of Madrid's major daily newspapers. La Vanguardia is the grandfather of all Spanish daily newspapers, which was established in 1881. As a result, it was overshadowed, especially outside Catalonia, by the popularity of El Pais, but is still one of the best-selling daily newspapers.

She critically supports the local political groups and concerns. The Basque and Spanish speaking newspaper began to be published after the Egin newspaper was shut down in 1998 by the prestigious anti-terrorist magistrate Baltasar Garzon for assisting the forbidden separatists group Eta.

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