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Like other Asian countries, spas and massages are popular here, and those who like deep relaxation will enjoy the spas and beauty salons of Yangon. Myanmar Plaza Branch, Yangon. Yangon, The Finest Spa. Governor's Oasis is a quiet sanctuary in the heart of one of the most famous hotels in Myanmar. Open air pool, fitness room and Yhi Spa.

In order to find the best match for you, you can select a mix of stars, ratings and prices.

In order to find the best match for you, you can select a mix of stars, ratings and prices. There are a variety of relaxation procedures, from super hottestones and depth tissues massages to facial procedures, luxury manicure and pedicure. It is also possible to book accomodation depending on the area you like best.

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Myanmar Yangon

Best one I' ve had in Myanmar in two years. I was astonished by the Thai woman who took good charge of me, it was really professionally and simply perfectly. "We had an astonishing massaging! It'?s so nice and tidy and so relaxed. My stresses and pains decreased every night I fell asleep.

The Myanmar Times

I was in the infirmary when my massager ripped my earrings out of my ears. When my Ayurveda "healer" went to the telephone in the midst of my treatments, then screamed violently and stormed out of the room in a rage of teardrops - before she came back and asked for a tip.

It wasn't much better everywhere I tried in Yangon: Like the floating colored ceiling, shiny tea wood flooring and antique furniture from Burma aren't enough, it's the love of detail that makes it my favorite spa in Yangon. This small, intimate room is completely illuminated by candlelight, giving you the impression of having entered a nightmare; your legs are cleansed in a bathroom with genuine roses, and you have the option of four mixtures of aromatic therapy oils.

Here only three massages are offered: the classic Myanmar style ("for those who like a powerful massage," says spa management Khin Zaw), the classic Asiatic feet and, most popularly, the beach style - a blend of oriental and occidental styles such as Indonesian, Swedish, accupressure and aroma. Some of the best things about this place is that you will be asked to fill out a mold before you begin your session asking you how you like your Massage - profound, "firm but relaxing" or lighting - that means no clumsy talks with yourtherapist at the center through when they begin to crush your thorn.

Featuring a contemporary spa, you can enhance any type of relaxation with a candlelight baths, sipping Shan Teas while softening your worries in a refreshing dip of pure purple leaves of pink and satin. Beach hydromassage ($75 for 90 minutes) with swimming ceremony ($20 for 30 minutes).

If you want a soothing spa without the high cost label, look no further than the Inya Day Spa. Cheaper than the upmarket choices mentioned here, but with the same standard of services, this verdant pond retreat is the ideal place to unwind and soothe. Visit us for one of her characteristic massage with a peeling, a warm tone or a face-lift.

There is also a nails salon at the spa if you wish to have a hair removal after your session. Thai massages are a great deal for only 20,000 K for 90 mins. After a Hydra Moisture face care, I squeakily cleaned my face. In the Inya Day Spa, the joke doesn't stop when your sessions end.

Strawberries - Damien returns the bilberries from Bangkok herself - was one of the best things I have ever tried: it' already definitely better to go, but obviously better after a rub. Thaya Day Spa, the company's second spa, provides a choice of the same treatment as Inya, but in a smaller, more private environment, and is a good option if you are on the other side of town.

Making it a whole days - the spa packs here, which contain several different spa procedures from the menus, are very inexpensive. Featuring giant candlesticks and a spacious interiors - soon to be fitted with a mother-of-pearl welcoming area - this stylish spa will offer a variety of spa services in a quiet and modern setting, far away from Yangon mud and debris.

It was a classical face treatment including a back and scalp massages. Classical face treatment (K60.000 or K360.000 for a course of seven) and massages (K50.000). Sule Shangri-La Spa is another Yangon spa. However, its stunning amenities and an enticing range of treatment options make this one of Yangon's quietest spa resorts.

Immaculately tidy rooms are fully privately owned - so you don't have to hear your neighbours moan - and everyone has their own showers, free lavatory supplies and fleecy, fuzzy handcloths. Practitioners are kind, discrete and give you clear directions before starting your session - so there are none of these unpleasant "Should I take my panties off?

Procedures included in-depth tissues, reflex zone massages, back, head and shoulders massages, and the most favourite massages, Aroma Relax, which uses a mixture of ethereal oil and solid but relaxed technique to re-establish the balance of the human being. The Oasis Beauty Pack is no better than one of your spa relaxation packs for a truly pampering experience: the Oasis Beauty Pack contains a tailor-made face treatment, a peeling of the feet and an aroma-relax treatment that lets you shine from top to-toot.

I' ve tried the Oasis Relaxation Pack, a luxury peeling for my skin and the Aroma Relax-Massages. Fitness studio members get a 25% discount on spa treatment. Well-known for its range of barbershops, T8 can come with less unusual trapping than the other spa's on this shortlist, but it also comes with some amazingly good, affordable treatment for those who want to pamper themselves without disrupting the bench.

Headquartered in Yangon and Mandalay, it offers face care, massages, bodily peelings and massages, manicure/pedicure and a variety of esthetic face care with frightening sounds like vacuum aspiration and electroplating. They may not be the best, but I was delightedly amazed at how clear my face feels after a face treatment here - and the treatment is so inexpensive you can get an expedited face treatment, Thai massages and expedited manicures for under 30,000K.

The rooms are privately owned and each has its own bathroom, but not so important people are enjoying their facials or massages in a locked cabin. Coupons for this place will not give you many points for brownies, but you could be much less than T8 Zen Spa if you are looking for a cheaper and more.

If you don't trusty a little chewy jelly chick who's still in your head, it takes more than a little bit of massaging to heal you. You can also use a Thai-Fassage ( (K10.000), an Expedited Face Therapy (K10.000) and a Manicure (K8000) at these rates.

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