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Book a table at Southern Star Cafe & Restaurant, Perth on TripAdvisor: Arrived in Perth tonight and found this place near our accommodation. Perth Southern Star Cafe & Restaurant. Souvenir Star Cafe & Restaurant, Perth Picture: Souvenir Star Cafe & Restaurant, Perth Picture:

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The New Desert has just been launched in our New Desert restaurants..... 3 tastes with 3 colors symbolizing the properties of 3 parts of Vietnam... - Grüne Farbe - Grüner Tee: Südlich von Vietnam, where there are many verdant paddies, streams and palms. - Pink- colour - Strawberry: In the middle of Vietnam, where the colour stands for the cute, soft and regal nature of the area.

  • White-colored - almond flavor: representative of North Vietnam, which has beautiful girl with light-skinned, cute, and appealing. We like this dessert in Vietnam, so let us know once you've tried it,

Souvenir Star Cafe & Restaurant

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