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Embark on an exciting journey to Dawei on a tailor-made tour of southern Myanmar. Meik is located in the Tanintharyi region, the southernmost part of the country. Journey to the unknown Hpa An in the south of Myanmar. Journeys around Myanmar's long tail. Huge sitting Buddhas in a monastery near Ye, in southern Mon State.

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It is the XVIth and XVIth centuries Mon empire and one of the wealthiest archaeological monuments in Myanmar. The Kyaiktiyo is one of the most venerated places of Buddhist worship in Myanmar. After Yangon and Mandalay, the third biggest town in Myanmar, it is 300 kilometres southeast..... The Mergui Archipelago, in the most southern part of Myanmar (Burma), contains over 800 wonderful archipelago.....

The Taungoo is situated in the region of Bago in Myanmar 220 km northeast of Yangon........... Myanmar's trading capitol. Yangon (Rangoon), the capitol of Myanmar, is until recently a metropolitan town.....

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We' ve already arranged returns to Yangon, but we need help and guidance on our own travels and our own operations. Here are some issues to help us work out our in-house itineraries, we would be happy if you could contact those who can make boating excursions (see below), with South Burma locals and possibly with booking our international itineraries.

First we can go to Dawei and then to Myeik, we realize that there is a connection to Yangon-Dawei and then Dawei-Myeik, but no connection to Myeik? Any other places of interest in the area? Besides the fact that we visit places like Dawei and Myeik on the continent, we would like to go to the islands to do some isle jumping and snorkelling.

However, all the cruises we have found are leaving Rangon or Kawthaung and last a whole weekend or more. We' re not going to be on a barge for one of two weeks.

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They provide courteous service and comprehensive information for the south of Myanmar. One of the best things we did was our excursion through the surroundings, Saddar Cape the absolute must, went through the karst caves and at the other end we took a small back to the starting point under a caves.

Many other places, a great dinner and a tour of the bat den, where several thousand bat migrate at sundown. We' re very grateful that you enjoy the journey with us. In fact, Hpa An is one of the high points in South Burma. La Pyae, your tour leader, says hello and thanks you again for your stay in his hometown Hpa An.

With two very nice young chauffeurs we drove to Marcus Island. Don't forget that this is a snorkeling excursion and you will find everything perfectly. That we built in 2 nights ago on a 3 days camp outing.

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