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Journey to Southern Myanmar

Discover southern Myanmar and discover the best time and places to visit. Provides information on the main tourist attractions and destinations in southern Myanmar to help you plan your itinerary. The city of Kawthaung, formerly known as Victoria Point, is located on the Myanmar side of the state border with Thailand. I' m travelling overland, slowly, along the coast from Yangon to Myeik. Drive on winding roads, through relaxed cities and see authentic local sights.

South Myanmar Tours

Oddly enough, the south of Myanmar has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Within a few short getaways you can go down into the Buddha-stuffed caverns around Hpa-an and climb the tortuous path to the holy gold rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock).

And then there is the little known and even less frequented Myeik Archipelago, perhaps Myanmar's most dramatically crossroads of sea, country and heaven. If all this were not enough, the historical centre of Mawlamyine, once the capitol of Myanmar, has an almost as beautiful collections of old Yangon style houses as Yangon, while Dawei and Myeik, the old wood houses with stone villas and houses built during the UK domination, have a centuries-long port heritage.

And the best thing about it: Due to the shortage of people, there is a lot of room to relax and savour the area.

A two week trip to South Burma

Southwest Burma is a charming, diverse, picturesque and especially southern of Myanmar, which is a little bit seldom frequented area. With a few short days in the sleeves there is a great deal to see and to do. These are our proposals for your itinerary. In order to meet the major points of the southern hemisphere, we would plan at least two whole wards.

South Burma is very long and quite thin, as a look at each card shows. It is about 1,400 kilometers, to be exact, from Kawthaung at the southernmost tip of the land to Yangon. As you move northward, the east-west direction expands slowly past much of everything: past much of everything from mighty Karen State to the Mon State, and the Irrawaddy northwest.

There are three possibilities: the Kawthaung boarder to Ranong in Thailand, Myawaddy in Karen State (to Mae Sot in Thailand) and Yangon. Another central intersection is between Kanchanaburi in the west of Thailand and Dawei, from where you can turn either northwards towards Myeik or southwards towards the city.

It allows a short journey for those who have less travel times. After you have already been to Burma's so-called Big Four - Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake - the southern part is a great, independent itinerary. Kawthaung, or the other way round, Myawaddy is a captivating journey and avoid all domestic flight.

When you plan to incorporate major and minor cities in the same itinerary, you can either choose to choose to travel just outside Kawthaung or Yangon, whether you choose the southern part at the beginning or the end of your Burma itinerary. The advantages and disadvantages for everyone; storing the sights until the end is a natural step, although the tourists who have settled in Bagan or Inle can feel disappointed after relatively tourist-free places like Ye, Myeik and Dawei.

We' re walking a southern to northern path, so if you do it the other way around - backwards! Like already stated, you will reach Dawei about halfway from Kanchanaburi, so this would be an easy way for a short one.

Since Bangkok is relatively cheap, you should end the journey in one morning if you leave early in both directions. Coming from Dawei you can take our proposed route southwards to Myeik and Kawthaung or northwards to Ye and Mawlamyine and end either in Yangon or the alternate route at Myawaddy.

If you are considering more travel to the center and northern parts of the countryside, another option is to travel by Myawaddy and drive via Hpa-an and Mawlamyine to Yangon. South Burma is ruled by the same meteorological patterns as southwest Thailand, which means that the best period for this journey (provided you do not like to travel in deluge) is between early November and March.

Because of the traffic connection one is forced to stay one overnight in Ranong before one passes over to Burma in the mornings. The immigration procedure is easy and uncomplicated, but keep in mind that a current student ID card is necessary in order to enter the country.

An early bird's eye view of this lovely little seaport offers the remainder of the afternoon; walk along the seafront or take a ferry to the coast shore of Ranong Isle. In Kawthaung, where can you spend the night? While there are not too many formal attractions to see in this small city, a very enjoyable today can be had with a touc touk to take you to the Maliwan waterfall with a detour to Palautonetone.

Ensure you arrive at the Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda in good season for sundown. There are a few top places to dine at Kawthaung, so you should find a fixed place for your supper. Don't forgetting to organize your trip to Myeik before leaving for Maliwan. If you have a few dollars and less you can get a breakfast plane to Myeik, otherwise you' ll be counting a whole days on the schoolbus.

Early departures should bring you to the sundowner at the Grand Jade Hotel in the city of Myeik in good timing. We suggest spending a full working days in the city. There are many good restaurants, funny teashops and nice people. Scenic Myeik excursion. Whatever agents you are organizing this journey should be able to help you continue your journey.

The early departure to Dawei gives you enough free rein to get settled and discover the charming little city on your return. While you could drive directly to Maungmakan Bay, we expect the city to be a little more of a good place for you. This can be done as a convenient daily excursion, either with a rental bicycle or with the tent door, although there are of course also overnight accommodations on the shore.

As it is only a brief trip and we enjoy spending our days in the city of Dawei with its larger accommodations and restaurants, we decided to remain in the city and make outings. In any case, don't miss the opportunity to explore the coastline just outside Maungmakan and on the Dawei Peninsula.

If you have enough days on the beaches, you could be on the tickets, otherwise board the locals Zug or coach to the Little Ye over the Mon State board. The possibilities of accomodation in these cities in the south are often restricted. It can be a little difficult to visit Ye without the help of our friendly personnel, good locally available map and a proper motorcycle rental service (note that they considered relocating to a different city on our last visit, so even in the low seasons they'll scream first.

Suppose you have arrived at Starlight, then you should take an early departure to the beaches and banana mountain and with a little bit of good fortune have enough free day for an excursion to Jaun Yua in the afternoons. Failing that, don't worry, walk around the little city and take the riverfront square and take a motorcycle cab to Banana Mountain.

We have divided this into two separate nights, but if you don't have enough free travel hours, get a coach pass for the brief drive to Madlamyine on a walk between the pit and the school. Most of the cities on this route to the South is the biggest and most frequented city is the city of Alaska. Stay half a full working week in the city, visit the local fairs and monuments, make a daily excursion to Bilu Island and then visit the places of interest just outside the city in the direction of Thanbyuzayat.

Organized daily trips to Bilu and Thanbyuzayat are offered in the city and optimize your stay and your budget. We would stay at least two nights in Hpa-an, so if you arrived by ferry, you have the 13th Sunday afternoons for hiking; maybe Kan Thar Yar Lake and setting sun in the Shweyinhmyaw Pagoda, followed by a full night for the Zwegabin route.

You should have enough the next few days to visit the Morgenmarkt before you make your way to Myawaddy. Or, register for an organized excursion with at least Lumbini, Kyauk Kalat, Kawgun and Saddar Caverns. Mae Sot is easy to get to in one single working days - even with a stroll around the Hpa-an Morgenmarkt - but since the most comfortable way to get from the Thai frontier city is in the early hours, why not spend the night in Myawaddy?

Also, the Burmese is one of the best we have found in Burma. The next day you can walk across the viaduct to Mae Sot coach terminal whenever you like. Go where, how long, where further, eastward or westward, northward or southward?

Myanmar is suitable for a quick journey with regular flight or a longer, slow journey where you don't get off the ground. However, Burma is a good place to go. Upstate or downstate or both? Most of the people who visit remains on the island, but Borneo is definitely a worthwhile place to spend it. When your stay is restricted, stay in a part of the land.

Thin and long, Vietnam looks easy, but walking is sluggish and the distance from A to A can really be a nag. When you are not on an unlimited journey, you should be careful in your planning. Make sure you review our visas, crossings, and visas section to make sure you're not trying to do the impossibill.

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