Southern Myanmar Beaches

Beaches in southern Myanmar

Some of the top sights in South Burma. Away from the beaten track in southern Myanmar. What are the most beautiful and least developed beaches down there? Does anyone else have experience in southern Burma? This is the third or fourth almost untouched beach where our boat has anchored today?

Where to get to the south of Myanmar and its beaches?

As of US$400. hw long from Thailand 2 Dawei by highway - n with breaks on the shore??????? Hello, The trip from the Thai side of Phu Nam Ron (67km western of Kanchanaburi) to Dawei is about 4.5 hours the passage is still in work as Myanmar Immigration is positioning its facilities, they are very courteous and their unbelievably low keys.

There' a good number of Maung Ma Kan Beach restaurants, very beautiful shellfish, very crisp. $2. 5-$5 for a May. Fortunately, there are no resort, there is a small cottage guest house and two more are under construction, and there are many places to spend the night in Dawei, 20 minutes away.

Beautiful beaches. I live in Ye, which is a 5-hour rough coach trip just south of Dawei. Leave us a note Where has I been? Coming to Bangkok to update my trade visas, I travelled 6 hrs by coach from Ye to Dawei (pronounced da-way, by the way!) through the city.

At dawn I reached Dawei coach terminal in the hope of booking another coach to Htii Kii on the Myanmar-Thailand-Boarder. It was my decision to either choose either $35 ($35), $35 (Kyat) or 800 (Thai Baht). A lot of nature in the jungles instead of the usual rubbers and walnuts plantation that is all too frequent in Myanmar.

When I left Dawei, I reached Htii Kii lmmigration 6h. It' signed out, then another 4 or 5 mile to the Thai INS. I' d lost the coach to Kanchanaburi coach terminal (10am and 6pm). A Thai immigrant officer (all were very friendly) phoned a native and took me to the Kanchanaburi coach terminal for 500 Bahts.

Leave us a note Where has I been? We don't have a rough route yet, but we had hoped to see some of South Burma. When you are in southern Myanmar at this hour, the most important thing is to take good charge of your legs and ankles. Leave us a note Where has I been?

Was anyone in this Myin Kwa Aw bungalow on the Dawei Peninsula? In the last 50 years, the vast bulk of southern Myanmar has been isolated from the outside and even the people of central Myanmar have had to file an application to the south. Myanmar has been a big fan of Myanmar for 20 years, she has been there on 5 journeys and it is her favourite land in the atlantic.

In Cambodia I have the feeling that one could simply buy someone to abandon you, but from what I have seen, is that not the case in southern Myanmar? I have lived in Ye (between Mawlamyine and Dawei) for two and a half years and I am the only foreign national to live here.

Leave us a note Where has I been? It is possible to travel by road from Kanchanaburi to Dawei in 7h. Between Kawthoung and Dawei or Myeik by air or inland. There are many beaches on the Dawei/Launglon peninsula, but they are not easily accessible. Kokosnuss bungalow with bungalow not near the sea.

in Htauk Island with a few beachfront bungalow directly on the shore. The nearest Maungmagan is Dawei.

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