Southern Burma

South Burma

The Southern Myanmar United Football Club is a Burmese football club based at Yamanya Stadium in Mawlamyine, Myanmar. There are 7 good grounds for choosing South Burma Uncovered

The majority of Burma's travelers begin their journey in Yangon and immediately set off to the northern side, where they stop at the Big Four: However, although the main plain has much to show, there is a completely different kind of southern globe that hardly any tourist knows and yet has its own secrets and joys to bare.

This is exactly what our route for Southern Burma Uncovered does: it takes you off the well-trodden paths along the coast of the Andaman Islands to the North. Golden Rocks, bobbing awkwardly on a hill, is one of the holiest places in Burma. It is certainly a captivating sight: several tonnes of boulders that seem to fall down the hill, with a ridiculously small base that touches the rocks below - but fortunately it should balance on a streak of Buddha, so that it will not go anywhere in the near future.

Pilgrimages to the Golden Rock are a magic event, not only because of the view of the rock itself, but also because of the chance to see and respect Myanmar from every corner of the land and all social strata who come here at certain periods of the year.

The Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda is another surviving view in southern Burma. It is a gravitational stone statue located on a rocky outcrop in the center of an artificial lago. Crossing the Lumbini Gardens at the bottom of the hill is also an interesting adventure, as the access road is guarded by several hundred Buddha-statures.

A further Hpa An regional attraction are the resident caverns - in Sadan Cave you will find a pit under the hill, while in Kaw Gun Cave you will find thousand of small Buddha sculptures covering the wall from the ground to the top. Formerly known as Moulmein, it is the place that drew Kipling's inspiration for his famed poetry Mandalay (strange as it may seem - Kipling has never put a foot in Mandalay).

This is not all, but also in the works of George Orwell, who spent five years in Burma and gave flawless references to him. Further southwards you will pass the masses of people on your trip to the dozy coastal cities of Dawei and Myeik. Open to the public only in 2013, Dawei is a great place to get an impression of Burma before the contemporary life invades with beautiful sandy beach, a city center full of province colonies and off-shore islets with an outstanding variety of game.

The journey ends with the journey back to Yangon, Burma's former capitol and largest town, where the Gold Tower watches over everything. Some of the Southern Burma Uncovered attractions - to learn more, click here to view the full route on our website.

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