South Sri Lanka Map

Map of South Sri Lanka

The south encapsulates Sri Lanka in many ways most traditionally. Sat picture of Getamanna South, Sri Lanka and surroundings. Hikkaduwa to Dickwella. The map of Sri Lanka covers most of the sights you would find interesting. Bile, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka Beach Tourist Map

Because of its beautiful gold sands Sri Lanka is known as a tourist resort for ocean, desert and solar. Sri Lanka, with over 1600 km of coastline, is known by most visitors for its seaside resort, which offers various tourist amenities all year round. We' ve put together a Google Map with more than 17 Sri Lankan strands to help you find and use them.

Most of the strands mentioned here are open to the general public, so you can swim there without a permit or fee at hotels. They are for travellers from abroad and Sri Lanka. Mt Lavinia - Mount Lavinia Beach is Sri Lanka's most favourite seaside resort and a hot spot for the night.

Kalutara-Lies 42 km south of Colombo. With its old colorful charms, the beaches are one of Sri Lanka's most important cultural bathing spots. The Beruwala Beaches is a 130 km long sandy area in a small, quiet fishermen's town and is considered the point of departure for the bathing towns on the south coast.

Passikudah & Kalkudah - Passikuda Strand is a sweeping and fairly dense shoreline, but it is spectacularly extensive with expansive, spectral sandy areas and palm trees along the coast. Identifies as the best surf spot in Sri Lanka and the fourth best in Southeast Asia and is also one of the 10 best surf spots in the whole word.

The island of Kankasunthurei (KKS) - Kankesanthurai (KKS) is one of the best in the Northern Province. Situated near the Thalsevana Holiday Resort. KKS used to be a marine node where Sri Lanka's navy base was situated. Today it is a large group of families sunbathing in the sunshine and cold water.

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