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Tours, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos & Thailand. The state borders China to the north, Laos to the east and Thailand to the south. Please see our regional consulting for Southeast Asia. The south-eastern part of Asia is Myanmar, formed by the long north-south valley of Irrawady. An armed conflict regularly erupts in the north of Shan State (south).

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Southern Myanmar is also known for the cities of Thaton and Maylamyine (formerly Moulmein) and the Golden Rock Temple, which is located on a hill. Bago, just two hour's car ride from Yangon, is a former antique town. The town was initially established in the sixth and sixteenth century, when it became the center of the Ramanadesa people.

An Hpa An is a charming, small city in Kayin State with around 40,000 inhabitants. Situated on the bank of the Thanlwin River and the tragic karstic landscape surrounding the city make it an ever more attractive place for those who want to see another side of Myanmar - away from the traditonal touristic itineraries.

It is the capitol of Mon State and the 4th biggest city of Myanmar. Between 1826 and 1852 it became the first capitol of British Burma, a period when it was known as Moulmein and was at certain times the home of Lords Orwell and Kipling, both of whom became lyric about their naturally man-made beauties.

Yangon, the former Myanmar capitol (formerly known as Rangoon), is a town that has remained virtually unchanged for more than half a centur y and is quickly moving into the twenty-first cent ry.

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The best of South Burma - 7 jours

Myanmar's close south areas are bordered by the Andaman Sea on one side and Thailand on the other. It will take you to some of the most important cities in the region, full of colorful historical colonies, unspoilt shores and the secluded Mergui Archipelago.

You will have the opportunity to get to know the important industry of this area - angling, gum and walnut - and to unwind on unspoilt shores and snorkelling off depressed islets. You will have the opportunity to get to know the important industry of this area - angling, gum and walnut - and to unwind on unspoilt shores and snorkelling off islets.

There will be plenty of excitement in seven get-togethers and you'll get to know a page of Myanmar you probably couldn't have possibly had. Mawlamyine, south-east of Yangon, departure for Thanbyuzayat. On the way you will come across many towns that give an impression of Myanmar's countryside. The Death Railway, built by the Japanese during World War II to link Myanmar and Thailand across the Kwai River, started in Thanbyuzayet.

Once you arrive in Ye, take a walk around the town and look for traces of walnut, caoutchouc and fishing products that are vital to the community's business. After a few day in Dawei you will have the opportunity to find out more about it. You will drive through the breathtaking mountains separating Tanintharyi and Mon State at the thin south end of Myanmar.

Their next target is Dawei, one of the first towns to be populated by the British after the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. Because of its past, Dawei has several quaint houses from the Colonies to visit. Today you can enjoy Dawei and its area. Afterwards, we go to the neighboring colonies to find out more about the story of the building from the Colonies.

At lunchtime, you' ll be taken to beautiful, not crowded Maung Ma Gan Beach, less than an hour's car ride away. It is the ideal place to unwind for the rest of the day before you find a place to enjoy a magic sundown and a tasty snack with the freshest sea food. Today you travel to the near San Maria Beach, a remote, unknown place.

You will see a lot of gum plants along the street through the landscape. Caoutchouc is one of the major regional produce, as are seafood and betelnuts, and you will find out more about the major industry by going to some of our plants. Enjoy a few long days of relaxation on this not crowded beach: swimming in the clear water, walking or just lying in the outdoors.

Until recently, the highway from Dawei to Myeik was blocked for non-nationals, so today's long journey will be particularly interesting. On the way there you will have the opportunity to make several stopovers in towns where the local people will probably be very much in awe. The articles were shipped from here to Thailand by land.

It is still known as a trafficking centre between Myanmar and Thailand. Once you have sailed in untouched water, you will arrive at a secluded, inhabited sandy spot where you have the opportunity to snorkel. Discover the submarine life, lie on the beaches or stroll around the small isle. You will be taken to the beaches for a picknick with delicious fruit and coconut.

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