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The most important sights in southeast Burma. Responsible travel in Southeast Asia. Myanmar (formerly Burma) travel health and vaccination advice Visa requirements for Myanmar citizens are administrative entry restrictions imposed by the authorities of other states on Myanmar citizens. Burma weather guide for June, festivals and when to travel. Southeast Asia's least visited country.

Journey to Dawei and Myeik (South Burma) - Brief summary - Myanmar Message Board

On our journey to Myanmar in December 2012 we went to Dawei and Myeik in southern Myanmar. Since it is not permitted to travel to Dawei and Myeik by land, we first took a scenic airplane from Yangon to Dawei. The airplane was full of us and it seemed as if we had already been reported to the Dawei migration official.....

Dawei is a charming and highly inventive town! In Dawei one night we went to Myeik, where we spent 3 days. It is a bigger place than Dawei and the China influences are evident. There' s a busy harbour, a large square and several beautiful churches to visit.

Tourism is not as much an exceptional thing as in Dawei, but still endangered as something particular (in a very affirmative way). Several times we were welcomed into the houses of the local people and enjoy the times in this busy yet relaxed town. We never had a flight issue to and from Dawei/Myeik and we didn't feel trapped in a nearby area.

When you need help with your journey in Dawei and Myeik: Sunfar Travel has offices in both towns and the employees speak English very well. When you are looking for places off the well-trodden paths, you will find them in Dawei and Myeik.

Introductory course in South Burma (Myanmar)

From Kathmandu, Nepal to Bangkok, Thailand, you will most likely have flew over the South. South Burma, for our part, includes the Kayin state in the northern part - it could just as well be served in our central Burma section thanks to a long fingering between the Bago region and the Kayah state.

To separate Kayin from the Andaman Sea is Mon State, while in the extreme south is Tanintheryi, which comprises a mass of small island and tapering to a point between Thailand and the South. South was one of the least frequented regions of Burma, mainly due to earlier travel regulations south of Mon State and the northern Kawthoung in the far south Tanintheryi area.

However, all this has been modified by the full internationality of two new frontier points - the transition from Mae Sot in Tak state to Kayin state and the Ranong lake transition to Kawthaung. So far, little has been seen of the Kayin state, mainly because large parts of it are off the books because of the junta's conflict with the Karen population.

Huge Thai side of the Thai frontier refugees are testimony to the barbarism of their campaigns. Today, with several new frontier crossing points, travelling by land is much simpler. It is home to one of our favorite cities in Burma, the relaxed and enchanting Mawlamyine. Farther south, the Tanintheryi region was largely taboo until recently, because the only international travelers who explored this area were scuba diver on costly liveaboards from Thailand.

However, today this is no longer the case and South Burma is really open for businesses. Now it is possible to drive from the south tip of Burma over land from Ranong in Thailand to Kawthaung and then northwards through Myeik, Dawei and Ye on the way to Mawlamyine.

Burma's south rail line runs south of the city of Myanmar, where buses and air travel are the only true way to get further south. Dispatched every Monday, our newsletters are full of travel tips, novelties and promotions.

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