South Myanmar Beaches

Beaches in southern Myanmar

Can you find out about the beaches around Dawei and Myeik? Further south, this beautiful and unspoilt beach offers an all-day excursion. It may not be the perfect golden sand of some beaches in Southeast Asia. There are four beaches in Ngapali that are among the best in Southeast Asia. Is Htauk Beach near Dawei could end this search.

Pristine beaches in southern Burma

South Burma's coast is bordered by beaches. Giant, gorgeous beaches of fine sandy beaches, stretching for kilometres, without a mind. Ok, there are the'popular' ones, like Maungmakan near Dawei, which are bordered by small barnyards with beverages and shellfish, and a few natives who play in the sea and a few straying hounds that bother you reading, but I still wouldn't call it preoccupied.

The Maungmakan Strand at low water. I' ll wager investor and developer have their sights already set on this area as the next big seaside resort, and as Burma opens up more and more, it won't be long before big resort properties show up here. He' one of the only people on the shore.

In addition, a deep-sea harbor is scheduled in Dawei. Right now it only has a few good gravel streets leading to the calm sandy spot at the designated spot, but I was advised that it should be ready by 2015! Prospective site of the Dawei deepwater harbour.

Streets are long and rugged, conveniences are tight, and so the beaches are still empty, tranquil and oh, so cute.

Journey to Dawei and Myeik (South Burma) - Brief account - Myanmar Forum

On our journey to Myanmar in December 2012 we went to Dawei and Myeik in southern Myanmar. Since it is not permitted to fly to Dawei and Myeik by land, we first took a scenic airplane from Yangon to Dawei. The airplane was full of us and it seemed as if we had already been reported to the Dawei migration official.....

Dawei is a charming and highly inventive town! In Dawei one night we went to Myeik, where we spent 3 days. It is a bigger place than Dawei and the China influences are evident. There' s a busy harbour, a large square and several beautiful churches to visit.

Under the present regulations, foreign nationals are not permitted to move out of the town ( "Dawei"), but we have never been near the town. Tourism is not as much an exceptional thing as in Dawei, but still endangered as something particular (in a very affirmative way). Several times we were welcomed into the houses of the local people and enjoy the times in this busy yet relaxed town.

We never had a flight issue to and from Dawei / Myeik and we didn't feel trapped in a nearby area. When you need help with your journey in Dawei and Myeik: Sunfar Travel has offices in both towns and the employees speak English very well.

When you are looking for places off the well-trodden paths, you will find them in Dawei and Myeik. Since there is not much information about this area of Myanmar on Lonely Planet, I would suggest the Stefan Loose Myanmar travel guide. Both Dawei and Myeik were two true attractions on our Myanmar tour and I could only warmly advise the area to all of you!

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