South Burma

southern Burma

Cycling through Burma's highlights. Journey to Myanamar / Burma and experience a country like no other. Concealed treasures of South Burma. The title, displacement and poverty in Southeast Burma / Myanmar. The Kyaukhtu South is located in Burma, with the icao code VYXG.

Southern sleepy Burma in 17 jours

We will have our lunches in the old Ristorante near the Sule Puagoda and then we will see the Shwedagon Puagoda at sundown. This city itself isn't really meant to be something out of the ordinary, but it's near Golden Rock. Go for a stroll and discover the roads. Watch the area' s live, make elastic straps and don't leave the last boot behind.

They' re not waiting! It is possible to arrive by coach or take a longer panoramic cruise. Hire a motorcycle and discover the surrounding area, especially the lovely caverns. That'?s why it is more interesting to see them! You can now book a horseback trip for a days or two and see the little idyllic islets.

Htee Kee/Phunaron and book a trip to Kanchanaburi. There is much to discover in this city, from the remains of the 2nd WW, the Kwai Brook, the falls and the Nationalpark. There' s not much information about southern Burma. They don't have to see every single outfit.

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Transport; Motorcycle or tent from Maung Ma Kan Beach, 12 nautical mile ("Nabule Beach") or southern (San Maria Bay, Teyzit Beach). Transport; on foot or by cab to Shwedagon. The 800 pristine Mergui Archipelago islets, with their abundant marine diversity and Moken inhabitants, would be the number two tourism destination in all of Myanmar (after Bagan) if only the federal authorities would make it a little more accessible.

At the moment it is only possible to reach this beautiful paradise on diving safari trips from Kawthaung. To find out more about how to get to the last great unexplored island in the worid, please visit our Mergui Islands page. Transport; pick-up from Kawthaung Steg. This astonishingly equilibrated golden gilt cliff is a place of worship for native Myanmar Buddhists, and it is in a precarious balance and will captivate anyone with a technical intellect.

Transport; pick up or coach, Kyaiktiyo is 4 h from Mawlamyine, 3 h from Bago or 5 h from Yangon. Maung Ma Kan Beach family restaurants. Transport; simple hike from the guesthouse. This is the monument of the end of the infamous Thailand - Burma railroad. During the Second Woridewar, the Japanese constructed the railroad with prisoners of war and draftees as a line of service between Thailand and Myanmar. more.....

Transport; coach or camper from Mawlamyine, 40 mile. This 180m long Buddha is located south of Mawlimaine and is the biggest in the world. Transport; motorcycle taxis or Mawlimaine cars . Transport; nice cruise on the Tanintharyi River from Myeik. Transport; motorcycle or tuk tuk from Kawthaung, 3-12 northeast of the town.

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