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R2 million dollars of narcotics found by the KwaZulu-Natal PD in a laboratory in Durban. South Africa's Social Security Agency says that its payments system has stabilized and that the recipients are being made. One prosecutor says she will bring an action against the South African Commission on Human Rights and the South African Council of Health Professions for the doctor's "unethical behavior".

The Limpopo P.D. says that a three-year-old kid passed away after he fell into an underground lavatory in the Diteteng town. The public prosecutor's office has sentenced an EFF-supported squat in Old Brakpanownship. The Gauteng-Polizei ( "Gauteng police") has acknowledged that a man on suspicion was killed and a watchman injured after an attempt to steal money transport in Boksburg.

South Africans lose endurance with the Ramaphosa president? Mpofu' lawyer's newsletter via Twitter' analysed by Jacques Pauw Chairman of EMF and A-List Advokat-for-hire sends'letter of demand' via online messaging to lawyers in the field of public relations........ The Zulu kings pray that those who want to take his country'fight harder' King Goodwill Zwelithini has turned to the ANC-led administration and says that the expropriation of property under the Ingonyama Trust Act is synonymous with "spitting on our ancestors".

The Right2Know legal group has published a documentary on how South African reporters are being espionage by state safety authorities and the public and non-governmental sectors. Mandla Apleni, 46, and others who rent through the Communicare residential association, have followed the backyards and unofficial villages in a walk on displacement, rural and residential possibilities in Cape Town.

This year, the Democratic Alliance thinks that protest and almost 300 shore incursions are part of a "larger strategy" by the governing coalition to make the provinces unregions. Finally, they have apprehended a man who is to appear in the courts. 8 million SA Social Insurance Institution gave recipients the right of withdrawal of cash.

Cape Town has opened a centre that will make available 230 displaced persons overnight bed, shower and toilet facilities. Nearly 100,000 minor offspring in South Africa are currently mature, the Commission on Gender Equality informed Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Social Development. In Johannesburg, the Labour Court has ordered that the offer by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) to stop the strikes of its staff be removed from the list for a fee.

The Masiphumelele non-formal estate near Fish Hoek in Cape Town stays humid all year round because it is located in a low-lying marshland. In South Africa, gasoline is now at a high. Here is a look at how the cost of gasoline has risen this year. Will Day Zero be raining again at Cape Town's procession?

Capetown's droughts are over and the town seems to be secure from day zero until 2019. One Kentucky native caused indignation in the global community after publishing images of a giraffé she had murdered during a hunt in South Africa. Capetown's hydroelectric power dams have reached 50. Blacks can cultivate the country and use it productively - that was the statement of several speeches at a open consultation in Welkom on uncompensated dispossession of ashore.

Country: We are not against whites, but the country must be given to blacks' vans in Free State and Eastern Cape were targetted on Tuesdayevening. While the DA alleges that the Ministry of the Interior has declined to participate in a Cadets Program for Cape Town International, ACSA states that the DHA is still examining the suggestion.

On the ankles of Gigaba as CT Airport announced "R25 billion lost through queues" With the impending gasoline cost increases, above driver plead with the corporation to raise fares to contain driver finances are faced. Expropriating property without reparation will not resolve South Africa's economical problem, says Hennie Laas of the Farmers' Union Volkstrust.

Country: We are not against whites, but the country must be given to blacks''Onteiening of fundamental freedoms never help' A conventional Free State doctor was convicted of injuring a bodh. In a plane accident on the River 3 in KwaZulu-Natal, four members of South Africa's national defense forces were killed.

South Africa would only have to cover R7.50 to get gasoline from French offshore factories to the docks. Why do we therefore charge R16/l for the gasoline for the domestic pumps? What savings can be made by increasing the cost of fuels? Bonginkosi Madikizela, the Democratic Alliance chief in Western Cape, says that Lennit Max must leave the political group because he is a secretary of police Bheki Cele.

A lawyer has retired from the Free State Bar and accuses "the mainly Caucasian bar " of being an enemy and unresponsive to questions of transition. West Cape Transport Director Kenny Africa says the Gydo, Theronsberg and Matroosberg passports, which were shut down due to bad meteorological events, have been re-opened.

Western Cape Sheriff should draw up a fair distribution scheme for the provinces' assets, in particular those of law enforcement agencies that are said to be seriously restricted, the Commission has advised the civil service. DA leader Mark Wiley says the government will not support the Government's tweet account by Busisiwe Mkhwebane, head of Civil Protection, of the Western Cape prime minister Helen Zille on colonism.

What savings can be made by increasing the cost of fuels? Negroes who oppose the change to Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for repossession without reparation were vociferously mocked at the constitutional review board's open hearings in Phuthaditjhaba in the Qwa-Qwa area of the Free State. Country: We are not against whites, but the country must be given to blacks' Robben Island has reported that the former Nelson Mandelaâ??s cells will be sold at auction to this yearâ??s SleepOut.

After robbing several tuck shops in the Imbali area on Monday evening, men who wore cops' suits and drove a flashing lights were apprehended. Mpofu Dali is taking on Pierre De Vos, hundreds of people are pouring into the snow-covered Cape and find out what SA's gasoline prices are like compared to the world' s like.

We are merging African and West "classical music" KZN historical guides to go to trial over Zulu country "Traditional guides in KwaZulu-Natal have decided to go to the tribunals to clarify the rights of the Zulu kings and governments with regard to it. Wiley, DA CEO, has expressed his best wishes to Lennit Max in his new role as advisor to Police Minister Bheki Cele and says that his successor will be revealed soon.

The Western Cape Dams, which reached an all-time low three month ago, are increasing by 5% a month, the Det. Humans have come from far away to indulge in the powdery snows of the Cape. Gatvol Capetonian argues that it is "pro-brown, not anti-black", a disputed move that accumulates aid for the Cape Flats and works to bring the population " back to the Eastern Cape ", insisting that it is not "anti-black" but "pro-brown".

Brooklyn PD is examining a case of gunmanjacking after a man from Pretoria was deprived of his clock at gunpoint during the day. South African Twitterverse tries to warm up with a flames battle against the Kaltfront that runs through the state. Cabins, which belong to 135 persons in Cape Town, are likely to be torn down, relocated and re-built on higher land.

In the Equality Court case between the South African Human Rights Commission and Velaphi Khumalo, the verdict was reserved for racist insults on Facebook. ANC in the Western Cape says it will ask the Public Protector to investigate claims that province leaders are" violating" the constitution by "failing" to protect the people.

According to the South African meteorological service, the chilly climate that has devoured most of the countryside is likely to last the whole day. One Mthatha cop who was on suspension was charged with attacking four girls in his house, supposedly because they were lesbian. Countryside: We are not against whites, but the nation must be given to blacks' The very first person to appear before the Constitutional Review Committee in Welkom has complained that the subject is racist and polarises the population.

The South African Social Security Agency has reassured those who have had e-payment difficulties that they will be fully remunerated.

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