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The latest news about South Africa from the BBC. Suspicious rhino poachers eaten by lions in the South African reserve. Indignation at the hunting and killing of rare giraffes in South Africa. Global news about South Africa. One lion is depicted in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Gauteng Goverment has initiated a "Men's Month" initiative to discuss men's problems and the issue of sexes. The Gauteng Health Department and the Joost van der Westhuizen Centre for Neurodegeneration opened the Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Clinic at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. On Thursday evening, the former president's boy was held at OR Tambo International Airport for several long sessions.

Mmusi Maimane, head of the DA, says that civil servants should realise that at least 10 million South African citizens are living in extreme poverty. 3. Cape Town's Department of Public Works says that civil servants are working to enhance public safety in the vicinity of urban highways. Western Cape Health Department says a man and a women were taken to surgery on Thursday.

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The eight-year-old Maya Merhi, who was borne without feet, had to wander around a warehouse in North Syria on temporary links made of old hoses and metal cups. Herrou was sentenced to four months' probation last August for taking immigrants from the Italians to his farm in the Roya Valley.

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The Mediosa company got an advance of 30 million R before it did any work, but the Ministry of Health says that the division will get the rest. President Keeper's writer does not take any hits as he is reminding the EFF leaders that his side may be involved in obtaining funds from the proceeds of the felony.

Peter Sydney Mabuza, aka'Mr. Big', was detained behind jail after the judge decided that he was legally held by the state troop. MKMVA spokesman says that the ANC election director did not have the facts and should focus again on the expropriation of Iraq.

Playing it straight? Three poacher in South Africa Reservation for lunch by the Lion tribe

ANNIVERSARY CASTLE: At least three alleged rhino hunters were torn to pieces and devoured by a lion in a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, the landlord said on Thursday. On the south-east shore of the Sibuya Gaming Reservoir, the men were found fragmented the next monday.

"It is a great source of great haughtiness, so they didn't have too much time," said backup stockholder Nick Fox, 60, AFP. "I got our veterinarian to drug all the lion," he said. "We were fortunate here that the lion came to them before they came to the rhinoceroses.

Less than 25,000 rhinoceroses are left in the great outdoors in Africa. Rhinoceroses are said to satisfy the boom in rhinoceroses in China, Vietnam and other Asiatic nations, where they are said to have medical properties. that the reservation is still open to the public, despite the event.

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