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Newest news, pictures, videos and special reports from The Economic Times. B-Roll to VO SOT definitions of broadcasting concepts When you are new to news TV news programs, you may find yourself with unfamiliar words like VO, Nat SOT or VO/SOT and other such puzzling words as a non-native-speech. If you are somehow implicated in the TV show industry, it is important to learn some of the most frequently used words and expressions.

That is, videos used to visualise the scripts that a presenter or newsreader has made. It' filmed exclusively for a TV message. News EZ. Ambient tone (Natound, Nat S-O-T) or Ambientound. These include creating a sonic embedded for a filmed or life account with local audio, backgrounds, cars and machines, ambient noise and other ambient noise.

This is the sound most commonly used to create the ambience or ambience for a particular news program. It is a system for measuring the number of viewers and the make-up of TV programmes in the USA. The Nielsen rating is used to calculate the TV rating. It is a performance on stage by a journalist presented by a newsreader.

In this case, the journalist presents her message packet or tells about it. PKG parcel. Packet is a correspondents account containing a mouthful that is usually added after the second or third set of the reporters. SOT - A SOT is an editable voice disc of a news maker.

On TV shows, the individual can be seen and often different SOTs can be combined and processed to capture the film. If, when you read or present information on the monitor, a journalist is seen as part of the packet, it is called a stand-up. While a newsreader or journalist will read a screenplay of a TV news report in real time.

Also sometimes referred to as v.o.bite, v.o.b, vob, vice, or vice byte, it is a scripts that is viewed in real time by the newsreader. During the anchors readers, videos are shown. At a certain point, the anchors stop scanning so that an interviewee can play an audiolip. As a rule, the sound bit part of the history will run from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

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